Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad publicity

"Carroll Gardens is many threads but only one CORD!"

That's the what the latest subway plaza mural reads tonight.... (Carroll Street "F" Station in Carroll Gardens).
It looks like an awful lot of people in Carroll Gardens are trying to "Wake up Bill!!" (DeBlasio) as words to that effect plus his telephone number are painted across the top of the mural. They seem to be saying:

Councilman, the clock is ticking on our beloved neighborhood (as we still know it) and you are STILL ASLEEP at the wheel!!
- T.S.

Seems like folks in Brooklyn are not afraid to let their council member know they're not too happy with him because he's shirking his responsibility. In Queens, there is no such similar outcry. Don't want to lose that funding, now. Better to have a few bucks ice cream money and watch the area go down the tubes. There's always Florida...


Anonymous said...

in Northeast Queens, in particular,
constituents are afraid to wake up sleeping dogs.....

Imagine the combined clout
that could be amassed if one civic didn't play
one against the other !

The" ultra polite" Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association, for example,
won't even join Queens Civic Congress
(they think there shit is ice cream).....
although they do not mind
using them as a conduit for grant money.....
h-m-m-m !

????? said...

It's a moribund group
that's too afraid of its original founders
to get up on its own hind legs
and begin to get pro-active!

unsure said...

it's still graffiti, but in this case I suppose it's excusable as the message is important and potentially helpful.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti is a property defacement; this is a painting on paper with a message attached to a wall. It's not the same thing at all! In fact the neighborhood loves the wall and if you look on the Gowanus Lounge post today it is being called the "Democracy Wall". Every neighborhood should have one like it!

Carole Gardens said...

This is definitely NOT graffiti! The wall, located in a very public subway plaza, serves a function: it activates the community to participate in the democratic process! "Every neighborhood should have a busy spot where activists can put up murals, posters and fliers to communicate in a very grassroots way with their neighbors and elected officials about community issues."
(Quote from today's Gowanus Lounge blog).

no longer unsure said...

well in that case it's really cool. And you're right: every nabe should have a "Democracy Wall." Best of luck!

verdi said...

Anti political grafitti of this type
is always welcome in my hood
if it gives "the finger"
to some lazy corrupt "representatives"!