Friday, December 14, 2007

Brooklyn crap: Compare and contrast

Which is the more expensive pile of crap? The apartment building on the left or the multi-families on the right? Well, the one on the left is taller and probably has more units. Also has a great looking street level security system. But the ones on the right have been made "more valuable" because there is off-street parking in the front yard. The building at left sports Friedrich air conditioners, while the pile at right hosts Fedders. It's a draw on that aspect. They sit side-by-side in the same sketchy Brooklyn neighborhood, so how will we choose which is the more expensive pile of crap?
Ah, well, there you have it. The Corcoran name. Apparently they are now into selling low end crap. Their high end stuff is pretty damn ugly, too! For the record, the ones on the right were built by the St. Saviour's owner.


Anonymous said...

Is this what that shady Israeli developer
who owns St. Saviour's is building around town?

I wonder if he also builds those settlement shacks
on the contested west bank in the old country.

I'm inclined to agree with my Jewish friend.
He says, "It's high time that Israel started
sending us their worthy Jews and not exporting their
----- (censored racial slur) to the USA"!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is your problem with air conditioning? Do you want new buildings to not have air conditioning, or do you think they all should have central air? Do you live in an apartment with no air conditioning so you are jealous of others that have it?

Anonymous said...

Air conditioning is not the problem. It's the advertisement on the cover. You can't hang an ad on your building, but if its in the form of an air conditioner cover, its acceptable. They have air conditioning units in the Caribbean that work much better and are a quarter of the size of these things, too.

Anonymous said...

In order to fill the sleeves, you have to buy the biggest & most expensive AC units available. Plus, if I'm going to pay mega-bucks to live in a brand-new building, I want central air.