Friday, December 14, 2007

Being a friend of Bloomie pays off

Working for Michael R. Bloomberg, even in the public sector, can be rewarding.

Although Mr. Bloomberg has ordered an overall hiring freeze and has yet to agree to raises for the city’s largest municipal labor union, he has doled out generous pay increases to those who work directly for him, a review of payroll records shows.

Money Rubs Off for City Aides Close to Mayor

The mayor, while holding raises for other city employees to about 4 percent per year, has given more than 200 members of his staff increases ranging from 10 percent to more than 100 percent, the records show. And 57 staffers have received a raise of at least 10 percent more than once.

In addition, the number of employees earning $100,000 or more has risen by 59 percent, to 105 from 66 in 2002, with the bulk of that increase coming in 2006, after the mayor won re-election.


verdi said...

Well of course.....these "staffers"
are the ones who make sure that the mayors private crapper is well supplied with toilet paper.

But, obviously,
those who choose to lick his ass directly
(in lieu of kleenex)
benefit from a higher pay raise.....
promotion.....or being hired
to work directly for hizzoner's company......
eh....Mr. Doctoroff!

Anonymous said...

Once again, the folks at Maspeth CAN afford St Saviours.

Instead of spending $10 million to help out developers and Bloomberg's cronies at the public trough, perhaps they should start a tax revolt and put their money into an escrow to pay for St Saviours.

The Quakers are doing it for federal taxes to fight funding the war, so why not do the same for local taxes?

It would focus attention on the scandalous amount of public money that indirectly benefits the few.

Sunnyside of Life said...

That guy named in the NY Times article, Chris Coffey, is a grade "A" wacko. He made over $100,000 this year in the mayor's community assistance unit and he doesn't even have a college education.

Why was he hired you ask?

He's the son of a socialite who is a good friend of Bloomberg.

This administration sucks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe CAU Commissioner "Natzli"
can whip up one of her catering specials
for Chris Coffey.....a-h-em-m-m !

Working for the CAU
in a high paying patronage job
seems to be a golden opportunity!

How and where do I apply ?