Friday, December 14, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Crane collapse

Fire officials say a crane accident at the building that will be the future world headquarters of Goldman Sachs left one man seriously injured this morning after a sling carrying steel fell some 25 stories to the ground. The steel load fell onto a row of construction trailers on West Street just before 11 a.m. One person who was inside one of the trailers was seriously injured and removed to St. Vincent's Hospital.

DOB: Sling Break Caused Crane Accident Near WTC Site


Anonymous said...

Is this a metaphor for a future financial collapse ?

Anonymous said...

This is a follow-up story:

The Tishman Corporation is at fault once again.

Preservationists appealed to Tishman since this summer to save the Playpen Theater, but to no avail. NY's oldest Vaudeville theater and a Beaux Art gem is now rubble.