Friday, November 9, 2007

Water bill amnesty

Amnesty on late charges for those with unpaid water bills

More than 8,000 homeowners who owe the city a combined $50 million in unpaid water bills are being offered a one-time amnesty on late charges if they pay up in 90 days.

Letters notifying the deadbeats began going out yesterday, according to the city Department of Environmental Protection, which operates the water system.

The amnesty - called a Payment Incentive Program - will charge a reduced settlement rate of $2 per day, rather than late charges, for the outstanding bills. Customers who reject the offer will "be scheduled for service termination," DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd warned.

The notices are going to one-family homeowners who owe $1,000 or more in water bills and late charges. They are just a fraction of nearly 64,000 residential and commercial water-bill scofflaws who owe the city more than $500million.


Anonymous said...

That's right Ms. Emily....
kick the downtrodden small homeowner
(seniors and low income folks and the like)
in the ass while big restaurants and corporations
owe NYC mega bucks in unpaid water bills!

Anonymous said...

The city has already started shutting off water service to large corporate deadbeats. Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Name me ONE "biggie"
that has actually had their valve shut off !


Anonymous said...

The "biggie" didn't get their valve shut off b/c they paid once they were threatened w/ shut off. Most # and $ of delinquencies come from residential homeowners. It's not the "big corporations" that owe the most money.

Anonymous said...

back up your expelled gas with some hard statistics!

I think you'll find the "biggies"
owe a total of more in delinquent taxes
than do the whole lot of homeowners!

Until then your just full of wind!

Anonymous said...

hey there...