Friday, November 9, 2007

Petition to save the Elmhurst Library

The Elmhurst Library (86-01 Broadway), a rare surviving “Carnegie Library” dating back to 1906, could meet the wrecking ball as early as 2008. Please sign the following petition to endorse preservation-friendly proposals that would spare it from demolition, while accommodating a growing number of users:

Save The Elmhurst Carnegie Library!

At a 2007 Newtown Civic Association meeting, James Van Bramer, Dir. of Government & Community Affairs of the Queens Library, explained he is seeking dialogue from the community and preservationists. If enough people oppose the proposed demolition, he would be open to possibilities along the lines of historic preservation which highlight the much-needed expansion.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that petition signers post comments of quality. Please forward this e-mail and the link to your colleagues. Time is of the essence!

Thank you for your support,

Michael Perlman,
Queens Preservation Council, Preservationist
Rego-Forest Preservation Council, Chair


Anonymous said...

What the hell is the 'Queens Preservation Council?' The preservation community's answer to the clubhouse smokefilled room?

What is it about this borough when the same tired unimaginative people always try to organize everyone under their umbrella, then waste time making lists and politely speaking to low level functionaries instead of taking to the streets like they do in Manhattan?

Outside of creating impressive bi-fold business cards for themselves they do absolutely nothing but build their preservation resume on fiction.

Remember the Queensboro Preservation League? Can you name a single building they saved?

michael perlman said...

A visionary group who's committed to the cause. Put the past aside. Isn't it much more productive to bond & be proactive? E-mail Chairman Mitchell Grubler and find out. He'll tell you more. You have his address.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to call it the Supreme Council of Queens Preservation, or is it the Council for Preserving Old Queens.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael, I want to bond with you and Mitchel. What ... visionaries ... Stanley .... Jim ....


Anonymous said...

Good question. I live in Elmhurst and am not happy about the library, but I never heard of the Queens Preservation Council either.

How can they be effective in helping us save this building if no one in the neighborhood even heard of them? We want the building saved: we are not interested in wasting time with self-serving press releases.

Anonymous said...

The building is a piece of outdated garbage. It needs to be imploded. The place can't handle the circulation it recieves. It needs a modern facility NOW.