Friday, November 9, 2007

They move in shadows

They are a part of something big: an underground workforce, an unknown world within our own. Each day brings with it another chance to make a buck, or in the case of these men predominantly from Latin America, the chance to make upwards of $100 for a day's work, albeit by engaging in back-breaking manual labor that can leave them seriously injured or dead.

The Ghost Workers

Illegal immigration may be solved not by a legislative compromise in Washington but by an economic downturn in America.

That, at least, is the message from day laborers in New York City, where immigrants interviewed recently by The New York Sun said work has so slowed that they are planning to return home to Latin America — if they can save enough cash for the trip home.

The city's expected economic downturn and the slowdown in construction in the boroughs other than Manhattan is trickling down to the city street corners where immigrant day laborers vie for work and wages to support themselves and send to their families back home.

As N.Y. Economy Sours, Aliens Plan To Leave for Home


Anonymous said...

I've already seen the downturn......
from 40 to about 12 day laborers seeking jobs....
along a three block strip on Northern Blv'd.
(between 163rd to 160th streets) in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

The housing market is getting soft in the rest of the country - except NY. I wonder what those hipster dudes who were raised in the Gorgeous Mosaic will say once they discover they can't find a place to live because demand from a flood of immigrants is driving them from the market.

Another childhood myth shattered.

Anonymous said...

Vicky is only writing about this cuase the plague has spread to Bayside.

If she wants it solved, she should call her good friend Gary.

On second thought, no, cause Gary will tweed them with our taxes.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question on what to do about the illegals that are here (implying giving them citizenship is the only route) all you need to do is drain the swamp. Take away the thing that brought them here in the first place, work, and they will disappear in the direction from whense they came.

Of course the clubhhouse will do everything it can to make certain this will not happen.

Anonymous said...

People are so up in arms about the whole immigration issue that we seem to forget basic human principles. They are God's people too! It's very easy for every "American" to sit back in their comfy homes, watch TV on a giant screen after having a nice hot dinner and pass a blanket judgement over all illegal aliens. Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment: Do you REALLY think they're happy about having to leave their families and everything they have ever known to pay a scoundrel the last bit of money they have in order to embark on a dangerous trip across the border into a land completely unknown, a language they do not speak, where they know they are not wanted? Are you kidding me ? They do this because they are DESPERATE!! They're DYING!! They're HUNGRY!! It would totally kill anyone to have to look into your children's eyes and see nothing but poverty and desperation. What choices do they have? Let their families wither away from hunger?? Ask yourselves how far you would go to protect and provide your family with bare, basic necessities such as a roof over their head and food on the table (at least one meal a day)!! Sure there are some illegals who come here w/ devious motives but do not judge them all over the actions of some!!! America has once again become such a cold/frivolous/racist society. And that crap about them taking all of our jobs is just that, TOTAL CRAP!! The majority do the type of jobs that no "American" would ever even consider. HIPOCRISY nothing but HIPOCRISY!! America's economy benefits at the expense of other smaller, poorer nations (ie. Free Trade Agreememts, etc..) so what do we expect them to do? As a HUMAN BEING you have the undeniable right to do whatever you can to provide for your loved ones, yes or no?
(And in case you're wondering, no I am not an illegal alien - I am a second generation US born hispanic.) But my human/compassionate side is much more prevalent than my citizenship status.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who states that people are so up in arms. That's right. I am up in arms. This country is one of laws and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION breaks the law. There are Americans that are desperate. They need help. Illegals get phony ID, collect Social Security, demand free education, free health care. And what about our resources. Come got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Look, no one asked them to have more kids than they can support. I don't have kids because I cannot afford them - now I have to help them raise theirs?

2. No one asked why the clumsiness of their culture in creating political instablity in their home countries should be now my problem.

3. No one asked why they can't take a page from the cultural and social mores that made this nation a success and apply it to their nations.

4. Their countries need their talents.

5. We need to take care of our citizens by not driving up rents and taking away jobs.

6. We must not hollow out our communities

a. with transients who don't particpate in its politics or contribute in its economy, but stay hidden,

b. who suck out money not for the local economy, but to send home,

c. who create a rental market dominated by blood sucking absentee landlords,

d. who create a job place dominated by substandard saftey standards and lower wages,

e. who creates a political enirnment where taking taxpayers money from the gleeful tweeders is considered normal and good.

7. Most importantly, we do not want to transform America into a class bound society like their native countries.

This last point is never discussed and in the final analysis, may be the most long lasting damage to our society.

Taxpayer said...

ANONYMOUS # 7: Congratulations! You said it just right!

But one more thing: Why are we to concern ourselves with whether or not these invaders are "happy" to leave their homes and families to come here to find work?

Then, when they are deported, we are accused of breaking up their "families" by sending them back?

Why are they not "happy" to return to home and family?

As Anonymous # 7 implied: let the illegal aliens remain home with family and make their miserable world better. We did, They can. They are just too lazy! You want a better world? Make a better world. Don't ask us to do it for you, too!

legal immigrant grandchild said...

If they're God's children.....then let God sort it out !

It's NOT our problem !

We've ignored the native poverty in our own country
for countless decades.

We DON'T NEED to import any new troubles !
(But, of course, the clubhouse's very existence
depends on tweeding these new arrivals)!

Anonymous said...

Listen, I understand that people want to better their lives by coming here. I get that and don't blame them. Our goverment is to blame for not fixing this issue. Granting amnesty is NOT the way to go. We must secure our border and find a way to get the illegals out of our country. Don't blame the illegals for this mess...BLAME OUR POLITICIANS.

Anonymous said...

"legal immigrant grandchild "
is nothing more than F.O.S.
ANYone that entered this nation legally wants a refund for every single cent spent to have their papers filed,physicals etc. AND with interest compounded daily plus all the aggravation to get it DONE.
why the hell does this individual think we came out here ? nothing better to do ?
i always explain to my kids that it's all due to a habit called EATING.
I demand a refund.
with my own eyes i have witnessed the destruction of my neighborhhod from a simple working class area to a TURD world nation complete with yuppies living out their grunge fantasy years.
Let them all go back where they came from.
you cannot have unrestricted entry into any nation and expect it to survive,esp. those getting every single welfare entitlement they DON'T deserve and don't contribute any taxes beyond sales tax.
So glad this insanity's almost finished or else there woujld have been an armed insurrection which we still call "voting from the rooftops."

legal immigrant grandchild said...

Ancient Rome fell because of
those Germanic illegal immigrant tribes
(Goths or Visigoths...whoever)
that moved in past its borders!