Monday, November 5, 2007

Teetering on the Ledge

The owner and publisher of the Queens Ledge, Walter Sanchez, was handpicked by Councilman Dennis Gallagher to become vice chair of community board 5. He is also former chair of the land use committee. This photo is evidence that he truly cares about his community. Great choice, Pinky!


Truman Harris said...

What would you expect from a "newspaper" published by Walter "Lien on Me" Sanchez? He has to be the worst businessman on the planet. The banner is an appropriate symbol for the Queens Ledger newspaper and its publisher, Sanchez.

Seth said...

I seem to recall that Bloomberg milked large fines out of businesses whose leather awnings displayed more information than they were allowed by some ancient, dusty, forgotten city ordinance.

Surely this guy's tattered, haphazardly draped, ugly sign should qualify as some sort of summons-friendly eyesore.

Anonymous said...

If this SOB has no respect
for his own advertising.....
imagine what care he'd give to "Old Glory"
on a flagpole!

Anonymous said...

Mr Sanchez is an opportunist and will have a hand in everything I suspect to sell ads. He has not made wise choices in the last year - unluckly to say the least with whom he has partnered with.

He does have his good moments not that I am defending him in any way. Much of his publications are written by employing talented highschool youth. I see their names credited. I guess no one edits or spell checks their work....

Mr. Sanchez also devotes time to coaching High School boys varsity tennis and obtains equipment and transportaion for them. He organizises open city parks basketball competition each June as well. Many of us are offput by his personality but is known to be a good family man.

There is the good and there is the bad - the bad come with the need I guess with wrong headed thoughts on whom to side with to sell papers - not his greatest strengths obviously.

Taxpayer said...

Hey Sanchez: stiffed any employees on their Social Security payments lately?

How do your employees know that you are current with IRS on taxes you've been withholding?

How do your advertisers know how many newspapers are actually sold rather than tossed?

Why would any mature, sane person trust someone like you? Someone who still lapdances for Gallagher?

Use spell check.