Monday, November 5, 2007

Huang violates stop work order again

On Friday, November 2nd, the stop work order on Maspeth's Huang House, located at 57-39 Mazeau Street in Maspeth, was violated once again.
Photo evidence taken by witnesses is permissible in a murder trial, but as far as DOB is concerned, if they didn't see it happen with their own eyes, then it never occurred.


Anonymous said...

I'm for the implementation
of the "older" penalties.

If a man is found out to be a thief....
cut off the offending hand.

If a man is a determined to be a rapist.....
the removal of.....h-m-m-m.

In the case of a criminal
repeat offender like Huang....
I can get extremely "colorful"
with the appropriate punishment!

It's time that Tommy and ALL
his relatives be PERMANENTLY
banned from building in NYC.....
as councilman Avella has suggested!

But we all know the "realities" that exist.....
DOB and the like.....
nothing is likely to change regarding this matter!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Huang is using Latino day workers
just like he did at Flushing's RKO Keith's.

Who knows what safety hazards
he's subjecting them to on this job site.

Huang has little regard for obeying the law
and even less for the value of human life!

Anonymous said...

Hello! What is wrong with this picture? Is this not mind-boggling? To me this is pretty unbelievable. Don't you agree. BUILDING WITHOUT VALID PERMITS? STOP WORK ORDERS! Does it not say that Huang and his two sons rule! Have they lost their minds? How embarassing is this to the Commissioner and Mayor? Are there no consequences?

They better reveve up their investigation. These guys are out-of-hand. Are they not? Has Huang no self-respect, no fear or allegiance to anyone?

What he does have obviously is BALLS. Big ones at that.

According to the DOB website, it appears that presently 57-39 and 57-37 have no valid building permits. Arrogance unsurpased. As for safety habits, we know their record speaks for itself. Typically he does not shore up excavations, his scaffolding is sub-standard or non-existent, his projects are unsightly and unsafe and the construction is questionable.

Still, First Class Wrecking, Kwong T. Seung (engineer), Angelo Costa (architect), David Weintraub (plumber) and others continue to put their businesses and licenses on the line and stand by him. I wonder what's up with that. Rumor has it he strings them along for their money. Do they have no choice?

The Huang's are not cleaning up their act like they would want the DOB to believe. They hurt a lot of hard working people and refuse to make them whole. For that, they are real pieces of CRAP.

ken said...

pins and needles, needles and pins, a happy man is a man who grins.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the adjacent building, to which Huang built his, was being demolished. As you can see in the pictures, the remaining attached pieces of the removed building are what is being taken down. The repair job was a result of sloppy work on the part of the demo crew. These guys were not there to work on Tommy's building.

Anonymous said...

1st class wrecking has about the worst record in the area look at all the crap built in maspeth and elmhurst and u will see thay have a hand in it the damaged the firehouse on grand and i believe the beer store on grand also

Anonymous said...

If they were spackling the house next door, then they were working on it.

Anonymous said...

Why would they need to patch up a building that has to come down? It's in violation of the zoning for the area.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that now vacant lot the Huang's also. He owns 57-39 and 57-37. He has no permits to do alterations related to 57-37, except demo permits. He is stopped on 57-39 and also has no valid permits. The fact that they did not do the demolition properly seems like a personal problem. Unless the building was in danger, he should not have repaired it while there was an existing STOP WORK ORDER.

ken said...

note how one worker is wearing a yellow hard hat, while the other has got on a cotton cap.

Anonymous said...

Huang's workers in the RKO Keith's.....
(illegally removing asbestos)
were provided with only meager face masks
(the cheap fiber tie on type
that are sold by the dozen at Home Depot) !

What do you expect from this criminal?

He's like an evil version of TV's
"Eveready Energizer" bunny.

He just keeps on "going and going and going"!
(Obviously with the help
of NYC doing nothing to stop him.
H-m-m-m....maybe he's got a "godfather"
somewhere in city hall) !

Anonymous said...

Not a "godfather". He's got a cousin-in-law, Councilman John Liu. Maybe a lobbyist or two as well. Nothing will stop him. He's pumped too mush $$$ into the Queens machine.

faster340 said...

THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT! We keep on griping and bitching about this man but no one does a damn thing. I seriously doubt the powers that be read this blog or much less care about the subject matter here.

Is there anyway we can hold people responsible? Including the Mayor, DOB and all the other a-holes that don't give a crap about anything.

Going to council meetings writing to the politicians etc. etc. doesn't seem to be doing crap because this just keeps going on and these people just keep doing what they want the city just keeps allowing it!!

Anonymous said...

Take note of the name under Corporation:

Premises: 57-37 71 STREET QUEENS Filed At: 57-37 MAZEAU STREET
Job No: 402561811 Document: 01 OF 1 Job Type: DM - DEMOLITION
BIN: 4062970 Block: 2809 Lot: 74

Owner: CORPORATION Non-Profit Flag: N
57 & 37 MANAGEMENT CORP. 36-09 MAIN STREET 718 353 - 8989

36-09 MAIN STREET FLUSHING NY 11354 718 353 - 8989

ken said...

if only there were a way to pop "the batteries" out...and replace them with those cheap, led based ones that are prone to leakage, like those heating oil cannisters.

Anonymous said...

Faster 340

More than bitching and griping is going on. A great deal of time has gone into letter writing, official reports and complaints, meetings with the Agencies, telephone calls, and the collaborating and sharing of important information. Lately, new and encouraging interests have been sparked.

The Mayor, the Commissioner, the State Attorney General, the local politicians and news media have all the particulars regarding the wrongdoings of these nefarious individuals.

It's just a matter of time. I do believe that the City Investigative agencies and others interested in the Huang's dealings are monitoring this site.

Anonymous said...

Much more than a lot of "griping and bitching"
went into successfully barring Huang
from being able to be involved
in building condos etc. in New York State....
"faster 340" !

NOW.... he needs to be stopped
from building anything in NYC!

Are you personally going to "drop the dime"(or quarter) and contact the Feds or shall I ?

The city surely won't do anything to stop this scourge (good try Avella) !

It's time to contact the FBI's Anti Corruption Unit
to look into NYC's whole political system and how
it's controlled by crooked builders like Huang !

Taxpayer said...

Who says that DOB has not witnessed any of this work that violates the Stop Work Order?

Just because some DOB employee says they've not witnessed the violations does not mean that the employee is telling the truth.

Corruption at one end leads to corruption throughout. All the way up to the Commissar, who loves all the kickback money.

Anonymous said...

By all means: please, please contact the Feds. It would be a great help to society. No doubt the corruption aspect has hindered our process. We are need of all the help we can get.

Anonymous said...

So....YOU TOO.....
should make "the call".....last poster.

The more....the merrier!

Try Gov. Spitzer's office.....
and see if he can pull his foot
out of his mouth and regain some confidence.

(Strike that last suggestion.....
he's part of "the game") !

Anonymous said...

Spitzer's office while he was attorney general was contacted early on. Nothing came of it. Charles Assini, Esq. in Padavan's office was contacted early on. The ball was dropped. All obviously disappointments. The D.A.'s office was contacted and the DOI. The Corporation Counsel and the Inspector General for the DOB were also contacted. I guess the only basis not covered was the Feds.