Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trees on verge of destruction at Ridgewood

There were surveyors at the Ridgewood Reservoir Saturday. At the stretch of woodlands between the west basin and Highland Blvd. several dozen trees were marked with spray paint. The city usually marks trees in this manner when they are planning to cut them down. I suspect they will begin taking down trees even before they get the permission to proceed.

Are trees already being cut down?

This is the area where the trees were marked.


mr. sycamore said...

Hang 'em all to a sour apple tree!

Anonymous said...

This is just wrong. Where are our preservasionist?

This administration needs to take a better look at itself.

I thought you were not suppose to cut down trees period (unless they are dying). I am ashamed of this travesty here, at St. Saviours and at PS 49.

Anonymous said...

Send in the tree hugger crowds! Where's the Green Party when we need them? Too busy protesting the war? How about thinking globally- ACTING LOCALLY!

The local Greens should use this issue to register members and become a viable third party. Get a move on!

Michael said...

I called NY1 to try to get some local media involved but 1 person wont do it. The more the better. It couldnt hurt, and all it costs was 20 minutes of my day.

Anonymous said...

The Green Party is a joke in the USA.

In Europe....i.e. "Green Peace" (a "different" group)
doesn't idly stand by.....contemplating their navels !