Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Urban planning at its finest, part 2

Heading south on College Point Boulevard:


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... Cinderblocks... cozy living college dorm style.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Queens will be the ugliest borough for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

This area is quickly becoming known
as "Chinese Broadway".

Who else would want to live along a truck route.....
inhale polluting fumes......
be subject to the "aroma" of the Flushing creek
at low tide...... and call it luxury living?

Only people from the lower class backward provinces where life is far worse.

You won't spot ny upper class Shanghai ex-patriots living along this strip!
They'd move to places like Scarsdale.

Anonymous said...

Is this another example of the Flushing Chamber's concocted "bustling" upward success of Flushing?

It looks like downhill all they way to me!

It's not even the kind of picturesque dump
that one might see in a travelogue of the orient!

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Queens will be the ugliest borough for decades to come."

Thats the whole point. Make it a borough of desperate immigrants that no one else wants to venture into.

A lifetime of tweeding opportunities in an endless cycle of getting elected.

All those pesky 2nd and 3rd generation types that pose immossible quality of life issues for the clubhouse gone in frustration.

Life can be good.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the kings and queens of corruption
live comfortably elsewhere.

John Liu, for example, lives off posh (well....maybe formerly posh at this point in the areas demise)
Bayside Ave. in north Flushing
just east of Parsons Blv'd.

Anonymous said...

I wonder.....did Liu get any crap backing up in his basement after the recent storm?

That would be rich.....wouldn't it? !!!

Anonymous said...

He could get wealthier bottling it.

Liu's....."Flush-back Eau de Toillette"
(certainly not Lanvin's) !

Anonymous said...

Where's the Department of Building in all this crap. They must be getting a kick back to let this all happen.