Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who donated to Gallagher in 2007?

So who opened their wallets and gave to Gallagher this year, despite the fact that he said he wasn't running for another elected office after being term limited?

Pinky's 2007 Campaign Contributions

Looks like mostly developers, unions and the Parkside Group.


georgetheatheist said...

...AND that ubiquitous one, John (Mr. Gristede) Catsamatidis. Folks, keep your eye on this bird -throwing his money around to all-comers. Our new Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Is something missing here? Pinky had a lavish funraiser this year, and I'm sure more people were there than are listed here.

Taxpayer said...

I didn't find RUAG on that list. Did that group give any money? How much? What favors do they want from Gallagher?

Anonymous said...

Looks like some real humdingers .....
Humerrdinger included I see.

What's he gonna run for
prison mate pansy patrol leader?

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way......
there are already plenty of crooks
currently holding office....
the difference is they haven't been convicted.

So if Pinky gets elected for (??????)
and works directly from his jail cell......
he won't be bringing any 50 year old grandmas
there to cozy up to.....Bubba will have to do!

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m......could his real plan be.....
if he's legally allowed to run for office
and if he should get get elected
before his conviction......
does he get to keep the remainder
of his unused campaign war chest
for buying cigarettes so he can bribe
the other inmates to keep off his ass? !!!

Queens Crapper said...

This is only contributions over $500. There were a lot of smaller ones, but the list was too long.

Obese Prez of MVMCA said...

$500 from NGH Associates Ltd in Roslyn Heights. That is the private investigative firm that employs Fat Joe So-mean-O. Guess that answers where Pinky manages to dig up dirt on his long list of enemies.

Anonymous said...

I thought candidates were no longer allowed to accept contributions from organizations they fund.

79ST. said...

The next fundraiser Gallagher will have will be in the prison courtyard to gather $ for cigarettes.

He will raise the cash as the prisonyard whore.


52 Ave said...

Hey Crappie, why not highlight Walter Sanchez, the slimy publisher of the Queens Ledger? That guy has more skeletons in his closet than the local cemetery.

He seems to be protecting his buddy Councilman Dennis Gallagher every chance he gets. They are partners in crime.

Shine a little light on him and watch the rat run and hide.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea- boycott the businesses and individuals who donated to Pinky. I heard Gristede's isn't doing good anyway.

verdi said...

Mount a protest demonstration in front of Gristedes!

Jennifer said...


Jennifer said...

Sorry, QC - my daughter was playing with mouse and keyboard while I was reading.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was the latest candidate for CAU sending in a resume.

Donna M. said...

Are you ready for court Mr. Gallagher? Get ready for some more press and the spotlight on you once again.

Wait until you see the other women that came forward. Some of the people that you thought were your closest friends have given you up.

It just goes to show how they saw through your lies all these years.

Think back Mr. Gallagher..."this is YOUR corrupt life" is about to begin.

Anonymous said...

your kid's comment actually makes more sense than some of the ones that get posted here.

Gallagher propositioned me said...

ahhh, go crawl back to the perverted hate blog of Dennis Gallagher, ya stupid bastard.

gallagher propositioned me said...


I thought it was that stuttering dumbass Gallagher attorney, Jake LaCrapa.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher's on his blog disparaging family members of the Juniper Valley people. Is he kidding? No family in Middle Village is more dysfunctional than Gallagher's.

I'm the neighbor that was quoted in the newspaper. Ask anyone nearby about the screaming, sleeping in the car, cursing and the stuff that's going on in the backyard. It's been going on for years.

Donna is no angel, believe me. It makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Gallagher gives thousands of dollars in funding to OLH sports association and RGMV little league. These organizations take part of the funding(that was meant for childrens sports) and funnel it back to gallagher at one of his fundraisers. He is not even running for office. This is not a campaign fund this is for his PAC. They are not regulated the way campaign funds are. He can use this for his defense expenses or pay a lobby firm for their "services". Maybe he is going to buy a job title from the parkside group so he can go around and still pretend to be important when he is out of office.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is one of only two local politicians that give to RGMVM Sports Association. He has for many many years..

He has done a lot to make sure the city does not give the RGMVM field lease and has secured more land that the league needed. Instead of it being given away to some developer. He has only done well for RGMVM and a lot of other sports programs in his district.

Will our next councilman do the same thing?

Anonymous said...

so RGMVMLL should kickback $ to Gallagher. hmmmm

Sari said...

Can't wait for this pig's trial to begin. The man is pure evil, don't believe me? ...ask Tom Ognibene.

10 counts said...

Someone should tell Dennis Gallagher about defamation and harassing his victim while out on bail. His legal troubles are about to get a lot more complicated.

Legal action and law enforcement can get Gallagher's IP address and force his ISP provider to release additional information which will directly link him to hate postings and blog comments.

The process has already started.

This guy is a complete asshole. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

RE:Will our next councilman do the same thing?

I dont think anyone will ever be able to set(sit) the bar as high as pinky has set it. He's right up there with the titanic and the 2004 yankees.Hey Danny boy's can name their 2008 softball team the "pinkies"....(their uniform can be pink with jail stripes and they can wear cleats with curved elven toes).

Anonymous said...

so RGMVMLL should kickback $ to Gallagher. hmmmm

No, its called support.. And it was to attend a dinner and not a donation. All I can tell you is that he has always been there helping out when others don't show up or care. I guess for that he is an evil man? For 20 years he has marched in the opening day parade. He is the only one after inviting all the elected officials who shows up…..

All it took was one thing for him to not agree with and for that he gets ripped to shreds.

Ever hear of innocent until proven guilty? Ripping a person and calling them names for how they look and their family is down right mean and nasty.

Sorry just real mean nasty, stuff that some people write here.

Anonymous said...

hey why are you talking about gallaghers hate blog when everyone know this is bobs hate blog

Anonymous said...

Support for Gallagher is giving money that could go to little leaguers? How many uniforms can you buy for $1,000? How many bats can you purchase? Does Gallagher really need to take $1,000 from little leaguers? He should give you a table as a reward for volunteering. He supports you because it's the right thing to do because of your great service to the community.

BTW, he showed you "support" with taxpayer money while he was getting paid to do what you call support. That's what he gets paid to do.

More admirable are the coaches and staff who volunteer for the little league. The little league giving $1,000 for "Gallagher's support" is nothing more than a kickback.

You don't need to give him a dime. You are a not-for-profit that provides the community with a service.

Anonymous said...

RE: All it took was one thing for him to not agree with and for that he gets ripped to shreds.

If you are stupid enough to believe that than you must be pinky himself writing that shit. "ooh I'm just a poor pariah because of one issue". The people who post here have known the pink asshole for years. If you only new half of the shit that we do not post on this blog you would piss on him in public. This guy has screwed so many people over the years its mind blowing. you can post anything about him and he can never figure who it is because he's told so many lies and screwed so many people. Guess who this is you pink dick??? I could be sitting next to you at the bar and you wouldn't even know it. Dont worry because the after your term is up I'm gonna come to danny boy's and smack you like a girl until that pink face is red(and it wont be from embarrassment because you need a conscience for that).

See you in court tomorrow said...

Let's go through the canonical list of Pinky infractions:

- caught on tape taking bribes
- sold porn from a catholic high school
- formed a phony civic association
- threatened his former staffer
- sexually harassed former staffers
- failed to pay bills he owed
- hangs out in bars
- writes a blog under a fake name attacking his constituents
- took money in return for writing letters to the board of standards and appeals
- uses his taxpayer funded office for personal vendettas
- is very cozy with the Parkside Group
- is allowing st. Saviour's church to be demolished
- claims he obtained $1 million yet has not produced the money
- was completely absent during the flooding
- made a fake flier about himself being gay and then blamed it on an opponent
- threw a respected community leader off the community board due to political paranoia
- taunted an old man at a shopping mall
- orchestrated a slapsuit against a critic
- called in bogus building complaints about a rival's home
- hasn't advocated for downzoning, so the neighborhood is getting destroyed (while he gets rich off campaign cash)
- asked a former volunteer to show him her breasts
- showed up uninvited at the home of someone who wrote a letter to him that he didn't like
- said he wasn't running for another office yet held a fundraiser at Russo's on the Bay in May
- pulled funding from a kids' baseball team because he had an argument with the league's founder
- had adulterous sex in his taxpayer-funded campaign office (6-to-1 matching funds) which may turn out to have been rape
- made the Republican party of Queens even more of a laughingstock than it was before

I am sure I missed a shitload more. Please feel free to add on.

Anonymous said...

"No, its called support.. And it was to attend a dinner and not a donation."

When was the last time you ate a $1000 dinner that wasn't a donation?

Anonymous said...

"He has secured more land that the league needed. Instead of it being given away to some developer."

Great, why doesn't he do the same for St. Saviour's?

Anonymous said...

maybe charitable gallagher can donate some bats to the league made out of the saint savior's trees he butchered.

Anonymous said...

Well....this little piggy went to market......
I mean court.....yesterday.

I'm gonna follow his trial like a devoted soap opera fan.

Wonder what the season finale will bring?

Jake said...

Dennis Gallagher is much worse that you guys can ever imagine or portray on this blog.

He treats his staff like dirt.

rudy said...

Hey Jake go post on Gallagher's blog where you belong and leave the real blogging to us.