Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pete on the Spitzer ID plan

Pete's unhappy with Eliot's policy on driver licenses:

Why I Oppose Resident ID Cards

Of course, he is not necessarily against illegal immigration, either.

Photo from Queens Gazette


Sunnyside of life said...

I'm against painted-on hair.

Anonymous said...

pretty crummy photo. Too much flash. Guess the Gazette is hard put to find another photographer to replace that talented minister they had on their staff for many years.

georgetheatheist said...

What do you want? Yusef Karsh? It's a bing, bam, boom community paper, fer crissakes!

Anonymous said...

mention of anything with reference to religion (a minister) gets george in an uproar.

Anonymous said...

It seems about time for "Junior" Vallone
to visit "The Hair Club For Men" just like his dad did.
(Maybe after his appointment with Parkside).

His hairline is becoming just as transparent
as his political horse shit !

verdi said...

Yusef Karsh painted with light.

Hemmingway, Churchill.....
all those great B/W portraits!

The Gazette uses a $6 Duane Reade disposable camera
judging by the results!

(Thanks for the memory....George).

georgetheatheist said...

Unfortunately, Papa Vallone visited the Davy Crockett Toupee Emporium. Sorry Pete Sr., that's not a hairpiece on your noggin; it's a croaked racoon.

verdi said...

Trump's dead muskrat beats Don Pietro's road kill!

Anonymous said...

trump's muskrat does look rather pathetic but it did help him bag a hot babe who probably wouldn't have gotten hitched to him if he'd gone about bald.