Monday, September 24, 2007

Queens trees cut down by government

Following community opposition, work has stopped on clear cutting of trees along the Long Island Rail Road at the Broadway-Flushing station.

LIRR Slip-Slides On Tree Clear Cutting

The sight of the 150-foot area already denuded of trees angered local residents and has LIRR officials seeking a more acceptable approach to track safety.

“In keeping with the general tenor of the day, it was hideous,” she said. “It’s hard enough for small animals and birds to survive in the city and now their habitat has been decimated.”


Anonymous said...

Stopping the tree cutting isn't good enough.
The LIRR should replant a buffer zone of trees
both deciduous and evergreen.
(White Pine, I believe, grows at the rate of about
one foot per year......a good variety to start with ).

It's funny how they wouldn't get away with pulling
this kind of crap on Long Island
only in their right of way through NYC.

They already charge us enough of a fare
without making the ride visually hideous!

b'way/flushing rez said...

While we're waiting for those lazy SOBs
at the LPC to calender our nabe for designation.....
those idiots of the LIRR decided to cut down our trees just to amuse us during the interim!

Anonymous said...

Where does the LIRR's reasoning come from
that cutting down trees promote track safety?

Leaves falling on the tracks
(easily swept away by mechanical means) ....
old line former soviets hiding in the bushes
with AK-47s to their shoulders?

We're being railroaded!
It's just plain laziness on their part......
cheaper maintenance for them.

Wait until the next storm deluge
washes away the dirt embankment
and deposits mountains of soil upon the tracks....
without the tree roots holding back the earth!

helpless young child said...

maybe the government really is concerned about bazooka-carting terrorists blasting away at passing trains from behind trees along the tracks. Of course the Feds aren't going to come right out and say so for fear of giving us the jitters. We are like helpless young children who need to be sheilded from harsh truths, so their thinking goes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cops should come by once in a while
and check out the group (gang?)
that pulls up Station Road in a car
(usually late Friday nights)
and as someone just told me......
the 20 year olds toss rocks at the trains etc.

Anybody know who graffiti vandal OFC is ?
It's already know he's in his teens.....
possibly Latino.

Anonymous said...

I love how the city is pushing for developers to make green buildings, and of course, true to form, the chorus of Queens newspapers respond on cue with all these stories of wonderful developers who do this.

And of course, nothing attacking developers who are removing the tree cover transforming what was once a boro with the image of a leafy suburban community into the ugly cement and asphalt covered landscape formerly associated more with the urban wastelands found in the Bronx or parts of Brooklyn.

I guess the feeling is now that Queens is immigrant, they don't need amenities, like Flushing meadows or trees in the front yard.

Besides, if you are here to work 16 hour days for a few years, who cares what the neighborhood looks like?

All you need is a nearby spot where you can get together with boys from the homeland to let off a little steam.

Anonymous said...

What is the BFHA doing to combat this
besides holding tea parties?

Anonymous said...

If these had been money trees bearing fruit
for our politicos to fill their pockets with.......
they'd still be standing !

Anonymous said...

John Liu would be out there
tree pruning every morning!

He'd even use some of his discretionary funds
to buy commercial tree fertilizer......
in addition to spreading his usual BS!

Anonymous said...

Senator Padavan, Assemblyman Lanceman,
City Council Members Avella & Liu......
can anything be done by your offices
to "persuade" the LIRR to replant
this denuded strip with some new trees
shrubs and ground cover vegetation ?

Anonymous said...

Yes.....Councilman Liu.....
you're on the transportation committee.

loco12op__))* said...

The MTA is a State Authority and this station is in Avella's district. The State politicians (Padavan and Lancman) and Avella need to get off their butts and hug some trees.

Anonymous said...

It's directly adjacent to Liu's district.
If Liu could stick his fingers into Tony's turf
(College Point)
surely he could "cooperate" on this one.

Anonymous said...

Liu will "cooperate" only if the MTA greases his palm !

Anonymous said...


The LIRR continues to indiscriminately clear cut the trees along its right of way along the Port Washington line. The trees on the north side of the tracks just to the west of the Auburndale Station are the latest casualties in the LIRR's war against nature. Despite a public posture of good neighborliness and cooperation with the communities the railroad traverses, the reality is that the attacks continue. Sound barriers are removed, real estate is devalued, habitat is destroyed and areas are blighted with no thought of remediation.

We request assurances from the MTA and LIRR management that until a meeting can be arranged between LIRR President Helena Williams and representatives of the affected communities the LIRR cease and desist. The trees must remain untouched until a cogent program for long term maintenance and forestry management is presented to the communities, the elected officials and community boards. For the LIRR to do less than this is contemptuous.

Anonymous said...

well O.F.C is a him but They.

O.F.C the graffiti crew protects the Neborhood Broadway-Flushing From neiboring Deadly gangs.