Saturday, September 22, 2007

Open house today!

Wow, a living room, kitchen, full bathroom and bedrooms on both floors of a one-family house. This is a truly unique home. And so affordable, too!


Anonymous said...

Here what's wrong with this RE ad:
1st floor is not a floor but rather a basement. A kitchen in a basement is illegal and must be removed to obtain a CO. The ad implies this property can be a 2 family based on the description and will be bought and marketed to those whom will purchase it with that intent. This house is the root cause of the illegal over crowding in these neighborhoods. The first signs of a conversion is when the garage door is removed and bricked over usually with a door and small window. The garage itself becomes part of the living space. If you see this occurring call 311 to halt the work. Save the character of your neigborhood by stopping this crap.

Anonymous said...

So maybe mamma likes to occasionally cook
a light midnight snack in her own personal
second floor kitchen adjacent to her bedroom
without disturbing any of the kids
who are sound asleep on the first floor!

Whattsa matta with's a large family!

Anonymous said...

Its a large EXTENDED family, with two sisters and four kids and two babies and one husband and mom and a cousin (whose 'tourist' visa expired) and her boyfriend and their baby (on the way) with an aunt and her son (at Rikers, so not really at home) with two dogs and ....

well lets say one or two villages from an unnamed country has their little portal into the Emerald City all under the beaming eys of the tweeding politicians.

Anonymous said...

Stop grumbling you little Archies, this is how a community gets to be

di-verse! di-verse! di-verse!

Anonymous said...

can you say illegal apartment?

Anonymous said...

This is how a community gets to be
diversely/perversely ruined !

Any Dem machine stooge knows that.

Hey more votes for them (and Hillary)
that is if they're legal residents! I've said it.....I'm a proud bigot!

Anonymous said...

$619K for this ramshackle, ugly semi-attached house?! (Note only one half of what's in the picture is being sold). You can get a better deal for a self-standing one-family home in LI or CT and it wouldn't be in a "diverse community" even though taxes might be higher.

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this makes me want to leave queens and buy a nice house with a nice lawn, with a nice school district, and nice 1 family neighbors that speak english and can communicate with me in case of an emergency!!!

I am a mutt, diverse as could be, yet if I can say that people that move into this country illegally need to be properly dealt with, they do! Some of the residences seem to have 20 people living in them!! its not good for THEM!! this living situation is not what we consider healthy and appropriate, that's right we, as in Americans. So what ever hardships you've come from, you need to conform to a minimal sense of community so that we don't end up becoming the same third world shit holes these people have worked hard to come from!

Anonymous said...

Gee.....$600,000 + ? !!!

There was a time that for that amount of dough.....
you could have bought 2 homes, a Rolls Royce,
a Corvette and put 2 kids through college!

But, then again, for someone who's on the lamb.....
there's a great hideout in the basement!

Any wine makers (we'd better not say bomb makers) out there who need a cozy low profile
out of the way apartment to rent ?

Donald Trump said...

This is a real bonanza! What a great investment!