Wednesday, September 5, 2007

FEMA center opens in Flushing

The federal government is set to open a flood relief center in Flushing today where Queens residents affected by the devastating Aug. 8 storms can reach out for a helping hand.

The opening of a Federal Emergency Management Agency center comes on the heels of President Bush's declaration of Queens as a disaster area Friday, opening the borough to federal funds.

FEMA in Flushing to bail out flood victims

The FEMA service center is scheduled to open at 1 p.m. in the Tzu Chi Foundation at 137-77 Northern Blvd. and will operate from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

FEMA Opens Storm Disaster Center In Queens

Photo from NY1


Anonymous said...

What is FEMA going to be paying Tzu Chi
for the use of their location?

Is this organization in need of bail out funds
to keep them afloat?

Would federal rent money
come in handy at the moment ?

Why locate it in Flushing
which did not take the brunt of the storm?

Could John Liu (and Gary Ackerman)
have "pushed" for this.....
to give "publicity" to an organization
that services primarily Chinese?

merde' said...

I have no sympathy whatsoever for Joe Crowley's
basement woes.

We've been putting up with his crap for years.

That's what he gets for pimping
over development......poetic justice!

Now we're giving you back some of our shit
in the form of 2 feet of raw sewage.

Get your rod and go fishing for "floatables" Joe !

There's a prize for hooking the biggest turd!

Anonymous said...

For years now, Crowley's constituents
have been warning him about the dangers
of all the overbuilding that's been going on
with the existence of an antiquated sewer system
that's incapable of handling the load.

He turned a deaf ear
while eagerly doing the bidding of the
(developer supported) political machine clubhouse.

Now we would like to welcome him to our club!

Put on your Speedo bathing suit, Joe.....
jump in and swim in the "pool"
with the rest of your forgotten victims!

I'd suggest the backstroke.....
and caution you to keep your mouth closed.

Anonymous said...

We've been ignored by the feds for years.

It took a backed up sewer in a Congressman's basement
to get Bush and FEMA to take Queens seriously!

mr. flooed out said...

"Mr. President....
this is Congressman Joseph Crowley.....
and I'm calling you on my cell phone from a raft
in the middle of my flooded cellar.

Sir.....we are in dire need of flood relief in Queens.

Yes, sir......we'll be glad to return the favor
by shifting a Democratic voting block to the Republican party.'ll send in FEMA right away.

Thank you sir....we're most grateful"!

I hope that Queens gets better service
from FEMA than New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

now there's another dummy
who can't put 2 & 2 together!

Overbuilding caused the flooding!

Anonymous said...

maybe fema will get some trailers for queens like they did for new orleans. They'd be an improvement over the crappy mcmansions we have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

FEMA will commandeer those trailers
from the back lot of the Queens "Botanical" Gardens
and set them up along main Street......
thus "improving" the landscape!

Hey those are American trailers
manufactured by the General Electric Corporation.

GE is in both the destruction
and the reconstruction business.

They build military jet engines for warfare.

Then after the bombing
of various small countries has been completed....
GE supplies the trailers while companies
like Haliburton get the job of "rebuilding".

Stockholders are happy because both they and GE have made their money two times over!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Flushing was chosen for the site. Maybe they saw a photo of how Flushing has been improved and thought; OIY! HURRY!

taxpayer said...

Is Crowley there to promote homeowners' use of chain link fences to hold back water from the property?