Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fun at Bayside Marina

The Daily News visits the Bayside Marina in today's edition:

After the marina was all but destroyed by a fierce storm in 1992, original proprietors Matty Castellano and Kenneth Schubline rebuilt it into the venue it is today. They then forged alliances with the city Parks Department and local groups, and now the marina is the site of several annual events, including the Bayside Anglers Group's Bayside Snapper Derby, an instructional fishing session sponsored by the city Park Rangers, and a boat tour of Little Neck Bay sponsored by the Alley Pond Environmental Center.

Scenic seaside spot is Bayside's 'secret'


Anonymous said...

It's great that this dock is open to the public, unlike the one on the other side of the bay in Douglaston which is strictly off limits to non-community members.

Anonymous said...

Gee, look at all that wasted space.

They should build some 50 story towers there and make it a public access jobs creation project like Suna's East River land grab.

Oh wait a minute, its not Astoria. The people would protest.

Anonymous said...

kid looks like he's hooked something. Probably a tin can.

Anonymous said...

No not a tin can, a dead body.

Anonymous said...

I thought that a Koren "church" had bought or was interested in this property at one time.
Any info on this ?

Anonymous said...

This is privileged suburban northeast Queens.

Developers like Suna
couldn't get away with building
even a bird house here.

Hey.....maybe Susan Meiklejohn
could do one of her "studies"
to convince Baysiders
that development is a good thing......
just like she did in Dutch Kills and Sunnyside.

Are you kidding.....they'd run that bitch out of town!

Anonymous said...

Funny how all those waterfront groups in Astoria as Green Shores and Transport Alternatives have agreed to 'work with developers' and not lift a finger to push for more park land.

Are they in for a big surprise once all that development on the East River makes their 'Greenway' a construction zone for the next decade.

Thats what happens when the community does not get involved. But then, that is Astoria.


Anonymous said...

This marina sits right next to the Cross Island Parkway. That's why no buildings have been built there. It's a mixed blessing. Residents get an accessible dock at the cost of a whole bunch of pollution.

Anonymous said...

A Taiwanese developer
(like Tommy Huang) will build anywhere....
even next to a polluted highway
(if he was given the chance).....
and promote it as "luxury" development
to unsuspecting buyers from abroad!

He's already in your "hood" and there to stay!

The Flushing-ization of Bayside
is just around the corner.....
maybe in about 5 more years!

Anonymous said...

True....take a look at Bell Blv'd.

Low end rents are averaging $10,0000 monthly
(what they were in Flushing 15 years ago) .

The old timers are selling off their property.

Take a look at what's coming in .

Only big chain drug stores and banks
can afford that kind of rent.
Goodbye olde towne atmosphere!

As one resident recently said,
".....there's nothing to bring me
up here to shop anymore.....
and the restaurants are cheaper,
with much more variety, in Manhattan...."!

The newly forming BID
(run under the shadow a banker)
is jokingly being referred to
as the "Badly Invented Disaster" !

Anonymous said...

Hey Astoria, that is because all those groups have been hyjacked by developers like Goodwill (Two Coves) and Suna (Socrates).

The machinery of government once again channeled towards those with the incentive to take advantage of taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Wnat to talk about developers money and the LIC 'Community' or should we say, Corporate Boathouse.

Waiting to see what the Sohmer guy is going to do with his site.

Anonymous said...

so long as VIP pizza stays. They have the best pizza around anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Pizza in Flushing
beats VIP's overcharged prices for pizza....bub.

They offer a far superior slice.....for over 30 years!

Anonymous said...

If you like your pizza paper thin I guess Gloria's on Main Street, in Flushing, is okay. The scenery outside is very nice to look at too.

Anonymous said...

The scenery ain't exactly great on
Bell Boulevard either.
That burned out building sure looks great!

I also see a lot of vacant stores
and businesses closing each day......
replaced by banks and chain drug stores.

It won't be long now until this stretch of the boulevard starts resembling Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Don't think that'll ever happen but the burnt out and boarded up building does look bad and there are an awful lot of banks on Bell, like you say, in addition to bars. Something fishy about that.

Anonymous said...

Don't think that'll ever happen eh.....
that's precisely how it started in Flushing 21 years ago !

It may take a little more time in Bayside.......
but you could get there sooner
than the short term estimate !

Anonymous said...

Did Joe Donovan really sell his saloon
to the Louie's of Port Washington bunch ?

He's been seen at the old site during reconstruction
for hours recently somebody said !

Anonymous said...

People once said
the Manhattan-ization of Flushing
couldn't happen there either years back!

Sounds like the same tune
that Bayside is singing now......doesn't it ?

There is nothing as certain as CHANGE !

Anonymous said...

Somebody that I know is taking bets
on just how long the "Ye Olde Bayside" will last .

Wanna lay some money on 3 years ?

6 would be a long shot but pays better!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't eat the fish that you catch there.

There's enough mercury in those waters
to fill a thermometer!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the public Bayside Marina and its local businesses (eateries, etc.). However, was charged a hefty (over $130) fine for unknowingly parking in a supposedly 'private' parking lot which was directly adjacent to the public trails and public area (marked with a NYC Parks sign - how confusing!). Upon returning to the parking area, my car was being towed but a man said I could pay him a hefty $130 fine (with tax) and leave (he was aggressive and definitely not understanding during the encounteri). This 'deal' was the case for at least half a dozen other vehicles and unknowing tourists. We understand the situation but that was a large fine - the man could have been more understanding for us tourists and folks not native to the area. One other man charged this 'fine' even commented on the 'millions' the collector must make from this activity.

Enjoyed the park and local folks but a cautionary for future park-goers.