Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Avella suggests citizen watch program

Illegal construction is out of control in the city in part because unscrupulous developers know the likelihood of a DOB inspector "showing up is nil," Avella said.

Councilman wants Dept. of Building to hold builders accountable

There are 32 DOB inspectors assigned to monitoring construction sites in Queens, officials said. Citywide, there are 249.

Under Avella's proposal, a person who witnesses a code violation would complete an affidavit testifying to the illegal work they saw. The document would be used as evidence in court.


Anonymous said...

Great idea......
but does that put the "citizen"
in direct legal jeopardy
in the event he gets personally sued by a builder ?

Until a serious training program
is put into effect....
similar to the NYPD's "Block Watcher" program
and an NYC liabilty umbrella insurance coverage
is provided free of charge to the "citizen watcher"....
I think, for the moment, I'll decline on this .

Anonymous said...

Secret Police State

Anonymous said...

Will Tony get upset and turn red if one of these citizens report his illegal pool?

There should be a cartoon "Pinky and the Red," sort of like Tom and Jerry.

Anonymous said...

If Tony is going to hop scotch all over NYC
running for mayor, then he'd better get some better staff to take care of things in Bayside.

We're being neglected .

Jake LaCrapa said...

that last comment was posted by Dennis Pee Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Oh....I doubt it Jake....
just somebody who got lousy service
from the district office recently.

Anonymous said...

Hard to get top notch service when they pay these people worse than meter maids...
Tony has the same formula as the NYPD (and his council neighbors): Pay crap, attract crap.

Anonymous said...

"A person who witnesses a code violation would complete an affidavit testifying to the illegal work they saw"

Fantastic idea Tony. Let's empower the old cat ladies of our communites so we can further flood the courts with nonsense. Seriously, great job!

Stop with the mcmansion nazi stuff already and do something substantive. Eastern Queens is losing businesses, losing working familes, and losing political significance- thanks to you and your fellow E.Queens leaders.

Taxpayer said...

All these Gallagher lovers use this Blog to tighten their sphincter muscles as they rage against a man whose decency, intelligence and honesty makes people realize what a skidmark stain this drunken, raging, very stupid Gallagher is.

To all these feculent Gallagher lovers: Give it up. Go away. Your idol is a turd.

Anonymous said...

I don't really hear a majority saying
that Tony isn't doing a great job fighting blockbusting and Mc Monster building.
This just shows a weak aspect term limit process
which can have its faults.

If a quality man like Avella could serve
some more terms we'd see even more results......
and he wouldn't be forced to split his time
between running a Mayoral campaign and providing constituent services......which he does very well.

If somebody doesn't get what they might consider
fast enough response to their calls to the district office.....maybe they're just chronic complainers.