Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bowne House to undergo major renovation

A 17th-century Flushing home known as a symbol of religious freedom will get its timber-frame structure stabilized and a visitors' center built in its garden as part of a $2.7-million initiative in coming years.

$2.7M plan to save Flushing's Bowne home

Of the $2.7 million project, the museum has already raised money toward the $2.1-million restoration and will get more funds in a few months once it officially joins the Historic House Trust of New York City, a nonprofit that operates in tandem with the Parks Department.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Tons of money has already been spent on that structure - like Town Hall, it is a money pit.

The politicians orchestrated the city take over.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Heard about the Jacob Titus Browne Collection? Hundreds of pre-revolutionary war documents that mysteriously left Bowne House one night?

Guess where they ended up?

Guess who got the tax write-off on the donation?

That is why there was a law suit a few years ago - someone was going to spill the beans.

Now its public.

Anonymous said...

That advisory special "bored of trustees"
that was formed years ago
to pick up after the crap
that the Bowne House Historical Society made contributed to it's current woes.

They were inept spineless go-fers
from various historical groups
under the watchful eye of borough hall.

"Lady" Evangeline should have been tossed
from the directorship years ago.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody
should contact the attorney general's office
regarding the possible theft of the irreplaceable
Jacob Titus Bowne collection.

Anonymous said...

John Liu sure made sure that Bowne House
fell into ownership of NYC.

Could it have been because the Suzuki Corp.
(who donated to Liu's campaign)
cannot get a certificate of occupancy for their building (abutting Bowne House to the south) ?

There's not enough room for NYFD fire apparatus
to access that illegally built structure.

But if .......say....10 feet of Bowne House's front lawn is "purchased" by Suzuki it legalizes their building.

H-m-m-m.....do you suppose part of the re-dux
will include such a "deal" ? Will John Liu
"broker" such an arrangement ?

Anonymous said...

Bowne House should have been taken over
as a federal National Historic Landmark.....
just like the Statue of Liberty!

Now it's at the mercy of NYC
(and local "elected" officials) !

Anonymous said...

hopefully the money will allow them to keep it open more. Every time I've ever passed by the historic home it's always been closed.

Anonymous said...

maybe some of that money is going to be "syphoned off" into....h-m-m-m....some other projects
that C.M Liu & Co. might have in mind.....
you never know.

A little cooking the books here and there.....perhaps ?

Isn't Liu a financial actuary or something......
working for Price Waterhouse or somebody
(and didn't his dad get convicted of bank fraud) ?

As a cousin of Tommy Huang,
one might expect anything !

Anonymous said...

Someone should investigate those Jacob Titus Bowne documents that went to the ____ and were 'donated' by ___ from ____ ____.

When it becomes public, it will be a big scandal.

Anonymous said...

Fill in those blanks.....last poster....
so somebody can take some action!