Monday, June 8, 2020

The battle for Queens civil court: John "The Canopy" Ciafone vs. Jessica "ex Machina" Earle-Gargan

6th Municipal Court District, Queens 

City Limits

Judge of the Civil Court: Queens

Jessica Earle-Gargan: A St. John’s Law School grad like her opponent, Jessica Earle-Gargan is a former Assistant District Attorney who specialized in prosecuting domestic violence crimes, according to her campaign site. A Bayside resident, Earle-Gargan’s other law experience includes serving as court attorney for two Supreme Court justices, where she worked on divorce and child custody cases.

John J. Ciafone: A trial attorney and lifelong Queens resident, John Ciafone studied at St. John’s Law School and has worked as an hearing officer for the city’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) and as a small claims court arbitrator. In a campaign ad posted to YouTube, Ciafone described himself as “independent” and criticized the current judicial establishment as beholden to special interests. He made headlines last year when he was fined for advertising his legal services on buildings he owns without a city permit.

Everybody knows about The Canopy as Crapper came back to remind you. But Jessica has, um, quite a machine backing her up.

 Queens County Democratic Organization

Congressman Gregory Meeks

Former Congressman Joe Crowley 

 Found "Qualified" by the Independent Judicial Qualifications Commission

State Senator Toby Stavisky

State Senator Leroy Comrie

Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal

State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein

State Assemblyman Michael DenDekker

NYC Council member Francisco Moya

NYC Council Member Rory Lancman

NYC Council member Danny Dromm

District Leaders: Ari Espinal, Ellen Raffael, Carol Gresser, Deirdre Feerick, Martha Taylor, Jacqueline Boyce, Yanna Henriquez

Supreme Court Justice Jeremy Weinstein, Ret. Former Administrative Judge Civil Term, Queens County.

Supreme Court Justice, Agustus Agate, Ret.

"Better Call" Saul Weprin Democratic Club

I know I have a proclivity to refer and defer to the Simpsons when I see shit like this, but another one won't hurt. (Yes I know it's one party, but it's still two bad choices)

Vote your conscience comrades.


Anonymous said...

Write in

Anonymous said...

Write in

Well, you have to write in someone who's willing to serve. Got any qualified recommendations?

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: write in

A ham sandwich.

Figure if it's easy to inidict one, why not have one as a judge.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have to write in someone who's willing to serve.

Mickey Mouse hasn't said no yet

Anonymous said...

RIP Whitestone and soon what's left of once beautiful Malba.
Stupid Queens voters will insure this fate

Anonymous said...

My Crystal Ball sees that 10 years in the future Bayside,Whitestone and Malba are Ghettos filled with Mosques and Murderers and all elected officials are PR,not blacks they will have wasted another decade following Al Sharpton through the dessert sand howling BLM passed over for low wage SOUTH Americans and third world countries,
College Point will still be a shit hole with 2 7-11s and a burned out welfare office,and Alexandra ocosio Cortez will be mayor for life with no police force chaffored around in a Brinks Truck protected by Mexican cartells,on the count of 3 wake up 1,2,BOOM YOUR DEAD,TOO SLOW.

Anonymous said...

Queens loses as matter who wins the BO race!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, though, anybody worth writing in then?? All we ever hear is "get involved at the local level," but then there aren't any good choices to begin with!

Anonymous said...

crazy how many pathetic, miseducated people are ranting on this website. if youre angry about progression, the problem is with you. Go back to college and learn about things you didnt like social issues. Do better for the younger generation. Stop being so selfish and ignorant!