Friday, June 26, 2020

REBNY and the City wants to turn your neighborhood hotel into a cheap substitute for "affordable housing"...

...but probably not this one


 City officials are looking to capitalize on a distressed tourism industry by converting commercial hotels into affordable housing — including creating single room occupancy units known as SROs.

The exploration of cheaper alternatives for affordable housing and supportive housing — offering health care and social services for people with mental illness or substance abuse disorders — comes as the city struggles to overcome a fiscal crisis prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The effort, which also comes as thousands of homeless people are staying in hotels, highlights just how hard a near-halt in business travel and tourism is slamming New York City.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing a tremendous hit to our hotels because of the reduction in tourism, because of the lack of travel — and hopefully most of that will come back. But some of it may not,” Vicki Been, deputy mayor for housing and economic development, said this week during an online roundtable on economic development hosted by the Real Estate Board of New York and the law firm Greenberg Traurig. 

...and probably (and definitely) not this one either

“So we’ve been looking hard at — are there hotels that we could acquire to turn into supportive housing rather than having to build from ground up?” she added. “We’re looking both at, are there assets that we own that we can make available to affordable housing or other needs — and are there private market buildings that we could acquire to convert into affordable housing at a cheaper cost.”

Department of Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Louise Carroll, who also participated in the event, said hotels are also under consideration for a shared housing model — which includes SRO-like units that have common areas for residents.
The agency has been testing shared and co-living spaces as affordable housing since 2018.

“Maybe hotels are good for rehab in that way,” Carroll said of SROs.


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to the homeless... I have been homeless. BUT the population that will be placed in once decent hotels in short time will make it a dump- and lower the property values.
The problem are the people and their life styles. These are not individuals who can take care of themselves. Many have undiagnosed serious mental illness, head trauma, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities and FAS- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Yes, they wind up in jails and prisons. They are not able to navigate in the world.

In the sixties, some dim wit thought it a wonderful to put mental patients out on the streets. They had no training in any self care. Reopen Creedmore State Hospital, create other hospitals. The assisted living centers are not cutting it. All they do is overdose their patients on bad psychopharmacology. They warehouse people and become wealthy doing it.

Anonymous said...

The hotels in areas that are the most leftist in the city - the West Side, the Village, Hudson Yards, for example, should be targeted for the homeless / criminal populations, not Forest Hills or Fresh Meadow.

Anonymous said...

Life sure comes at you fast sometimes NYC is now a shithole !

Anonymous said...

Joe's Hairy Legs said...
Who gives a fat rats ass anymore ?
Just move out of NYC already it's finished like most Dem Cities.

Anonymous said...

San Fran is doing the same thing and it’s down right scary of depictions of meth heads given a nice hotel accommodations.

These people need social and medical care not given a hotel room and left to do the same thing they e been doing all along such as drug use, prostitution, etc.

Why aren’t the progressives like AOC saying anything?

Anonymous said...

Dem City Dem Problems !

Anonymous said...

Hotels in Downtown & Midtown Manhattan and over-gentrified areas of Brooklyn before the outer boroughs!

Anonymous said...

"Homeless Industrial Complex"

Anonymous said...

To the fourth Anonymous from the bottom: Little Miss 'Occasionally Coherent' is NOT a progressive, she's a 'FAUX-gressive,' and so is the entirely party-machine-failed, techno fascist, duopoly DISEASE that has already (and, LONG, LONG AGO), destroyed flag, country and Constitution with a vengeful impunity that remains unprecedented, to date.

Both corporate fascist owned party cults only canvass six-figure donors for their massive campaign mountings that pit themselves against theh 'OTHER' Republican Party. They are 300% fake, and they couldn't care less about their respective constituencies, much less the total collapse of this elitist, kleptocratic, shabby society of never-ending depravity, debauchery and degradation. What additional clues does anyone with eyes NEED?

"The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That's the only difference." --Ralph Nader

"The brilliance of Bill Clinton is that he transformed the Democratic Party into the Republican Party, and he pushed the Republican Party so far to the right - that it became insane." --Chris Hedges

"You can't get rich in politics unless you're crooked." --Harry S. Truman