Sunday, June 21, 2020

Bummer summer for city kids

NY Post

For NYC kids, this summer will be a bummer.

With the last day of school next Friday, the city has ended outdoor, recreational, and job programs for youths of all ages.

“Hundreds of thousands of NYC kids who have been cooped up for three months may have nothing fun to do,” said education consultant David Rubel. “Kids need outdoor play if they’re going to come back to school in September ready to learn.”

Thanks to Mayor de Blasio’s budget cuts and coronavirus restrictions, the popular Summer Youth 
Employment Program, which gave jobs to nearly 75,000 teens and young adults in 2019, has been been eliminated as of now. Officials are scrambling to find funding.

The dire news comes after students have been stuck at home since mid-March amid the Covid-19 shutdown, with laptops and iPads replacing in-person classes.

The Department of Youth and Community Development has wiped out an array of programs that offered arts, sports, games, and field trips enjoyed by 100,000 young people last summer.


Anonymous said...

Start a garden and learn some arts and crafts. Exercise, hike, bike,walk teach them to cook and clean plenty of things for the Youth to do this summer instead of playing sports.

Anonymous said...

What did you think would happen when you run out of other people's money ?
Cuts in the NYC and NYS budget will be painful for all not just the "KIDS" !

Anonymous said...

do you mean their parents actually have to take their children some where

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet that the boy mayor will still find money for his per projects and for those who donate to his post-lesbian wife's future political campaigns?

Anonymous said...

A lot of parents will have to take their kids to work with them. Either that or continue to collect unemployment benefits / remember the extra six hundred per week ends in July but the kids will be home till September or maybe even longer.

Anonymous said...

Wait for the crime wave.

Queens Democratic Party Operative said...

There are plenty of activities for our young people this summer:

- Redistribution of wealth (formerly known as looting)
- Protest against social injustice
- Statue removal
- Night time pyrotechnics displays
- Report your parents to AOC for any alleged or perceived hate crimes

Anonymous said...

MAJOR MAJOR EPIC crime wave coming.
On 2 occasions I noticed blacks with no masks deliberately going to deli counters , singling out whites then sneeze and cough to start fights.
Many cops are going to quit the force, and most law abiding people do not have guns.

Anonymous said...

A good reason to stop expecting other people and the government to take care of your children.
Instead of having children in order to secure your NYCHA apartment, Section 8 housing subsidy voucher, your Jiggetts housing subsidy voucher, free child care and after school care, school breakfast, school lunches, the school backpacks with supplies and gift cards and the big check from the IRS and NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance because of EITC, start using birth control. They give out condoms for free.
EITC earned income tax credit only available to those with children. And these are the people who do not have taxes taken out of their paychecks.

Do not have children you are not prepared to take responsibility for.

Black Lives Matter was given One Billion Dollars from the Bank of America.

Let's see if they will step up to the plate and hire children. Maybe they are already hiring children to loot, steal and burn.

Anonymous said...

>Take away sleep away camp for older kids
>close pools
>take away jobs for older kids
>keep playgrounds closed

All they'll have left to do is set off firecrackers and join riots. Is that the Mayor's intention?

Anonymous said...

"Wait for the crime wave."

It's already here. Read this weekends crime stats.

Anonymous said...

QC Reader Said..
Wait till the home invasions increase !
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet ...

Ned said...

Wait till the home invasions increase !
Once I exercise my duty to retreat in my own home, I will take care of them.


georgetheatheist said...

Ned, seriously, just "how" will you take care of them? I've been informed they have to be permanently taken care of because if you only temporarily take care of them, they'll sue you. Would the former be your intent?