Sunday, January 10, 2021

Queens Is Burning: Flushing



 Firefighters on Saturday morning extinguished a seven-alarm fire that started late Friday night in a Flushing storefront and extended into an adjacent building, according to the FDNY.

After receiving a call just before midnight on Friday, Jan. 8, regarding the blaze at a three-story building located at 136-15 37th Ave., approximately 50 units and 200 FDNY personnel responded to the scene to fight the fire.

 Seven firefighters sustained minor injuries while battling the inferno and have been transported to local hospitals.

While a collapse zone has been established, units were still operating at the scene at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 9, according to the FDNY. The fire was extinguished just before 9 a.m., according to the FDNY.

Impunity City 

Rent at an apartment above the store that got engulfed in flames was for 2,600 a month.


Anonymous said...

Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (Official Music Video)

Anonymous said...

Lots of suspicious fires in Falasheng throughout the years.

Apparently all is good.

Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Fires can bring good. Remember when there was a big fruit and vegetable market on the corner of Main and Sanford that burned down? Now we have a big shiny bank there.

Anonymous said...

Now we have a big shiny bank there

Yessiree Bob! Never enough banks, massage parlors, pawn shops and pharmacies.

All essential businesses. Just a regular day in Falasheng.

What happened to Strawberry Farms? that was a big fire. now they have what?

Anonymous said...

I noticed in Falasheng the massage parlors are open for business.

Prostitution is an essential service, let's face facts.

So is eyelash extensions.

Falasheng burns, but all is good.

Enterprise corruption on display.

Anonymous said...

Where are we going to go for great soup Dumplings now ?