Saturday, January 9, 2021

President Richards gives the thumbs up for rezoning in Sunnyside 

Queens Post

  proposal for a seven story affordable housing complex in Sunnyside is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards has come out in support of a rezoning application put forward by Phipps Houses, a non-profit developer, which seeks to construct a seven-story, 167-unit building at 50-25 Barnett Ave.

All of the units in the building would be “affordable” and there would be space on the ground floor for a community facility.

The borough president’s recommendation comes one month after Community Board 2 voted to approve the controversial project by a vote of 28 in favor and 13 against—subject to a series of conditions.

Those conditions centered around Phipps Houses’ questionable history as a property manager in Sunnyside, which many say should disqualify it from developing the new building.

One of those conditions requires Phipps to conduct a series of repairs to the 492-unit Sunnyside Gardens Apartment complex it manages on 39th Avenue over the next six months.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of zoning if it can be changed on a whim?

Anonymous said...

Let‘s protest this peacefully!!!!

M. How said...

Protesting gets us nowhere. Those that control the pocketbook decide for us. Just sit down and shut up. Easy peasy. Of course, a little graft on the side helps, too.

Anonymous said...

"a non-profit developer"
That's bullshit!!
New York is a 95/5 state, meaning a non-profit can write up 95% of the take as administrative fees & costs and is only required to payout 5% to the cause.
A handful of people, some lawyer and accountant are going to be rich and setup for life on this !!

Racketeer City !!

Anonymous said...

there goes the neighborhood. there goes the property values. How soon until they bring in an army platoon of convicted felon mentally ill drug users of the urban variety? What a dam shame, it's always been a great area

Anonymous said...

What are they saying is affordable, and affordable to who. Certainly noone on social security will be able to "afford to live there.

Anonymous said...

Phipps has been getting away with the Not for profit bullshit for decades. How do we stop it?

Anonymous said...

How do we stop it?

So much money is being made and laundered it would be impossible to stop it.
The 95/5 Non For Profit racket in New York is perhaps the biggest in the country.
All the churches are in it too.
Albany lawmakers haven got the balls nor desire to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Bank accounts are getting re-zoned too. Mostly in the 6, 7 digit area.