Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Feds come for militia minded internet troll in Middle Village for posting ideas on social media


  A reputed Proud Boys member was arrested Tuesday night in Queens after federal authorities tied him to a series of online posts threatening to send an armed caravan to Washington D.C., according to news reports.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Middle Village resident Eduard Florea, 40, after searching his home on 76th Street near Elliot Avenue, the New York Daily News and NBC4 New York reported.

Florea was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of ammunition, a law enforcement source told Patch.

He is expected to appear in Brooklyn federal court Wednesday.

Florea is not believed to have joined the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol last week by pro-Trump extremists, law enforcement sources told NBC4 New York.

 But he has purported ties to the Proud Boys, a far-right group that reportedly helped lead the attempted insurrection on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol, according to ABC7 New York.

Florea has previously been arrested on weapons and domestic abuse charges.

 When a Proud Boy got taken, I didn't say anything because I'm not a Proud Boy...

When a Progressive got taken....

Update: The suspect is quite the influencer


The Proud Boys typically move around public demonstrations like a small army, flooding entire blocks in their trademark black and yellow colors. But on this day, their strategy was to avoid detection. Their self-styled “chairman,” Enrique Tarrio, had ordered the Proud Boys to go “incognito” and dress in plain clothes, so while they were central to the planning, inciting, and execution of the insurrection that led to five deaths, their role was not immediately obvious from the video disseminated from the scene.

In a stream from before the rally, Joe Biggs, a former InfoWars staffer who led the Proud Boys in Tarrio’s absence, reiterated the plan for the group not to wear their traditional colors. 

“We will not be attending D.C. in colors. We will be blending in as one of you. You won't see us. You'll even think we are you,” Biggs said. “We are going to smell like you, move like you, and look like you. The only thing we'll do that's us is think like us! Jan 6th is gonna be epic.”

Partly because of this, the group has mostly evaded scrutiny for the violence at the Capitol—which came as lawmakers were scheduled to convene and certify the results of the 2020 election, affirming Joe Biden as the winner and Donald Trump the loser. 

Tarrio himself was not present: He was arrested on his way into D.C. earlier in the week and charged for a misdemeanor for his alleged role tearing down Black Live Matter signs from a Black church in December. During the arrest, police discovered two high-capacity magazines, emblazoned with Proud Boy insignia, and charged him with an additional felony. Upon his release, a judge ordered him to stay away from D.C.




Anonymous said...

I hope he enjoys his time in prison,Jerk. He also just lowered the value of his neighbor property. Unless your a jerk that belongs to the proud boys.
I'm not against men's gay groups ,but this one is too violent.

Anonymous said...

He was taken for being a felon in possession of ammunition, not for posting on the internet. The headline is a lie and inflammatory. Instigator, stop fanning the flames! Make the headline match the story, not your bias.

JQ LLC said...

"A reputed Proud Boys member was arrested Tuesday night in Queens after federal authorities tied him to a series of online posts..."

sure they got him for weapons,but this is why they went after him. Watch what you type especially after Jan. 21.

Anonymous said...

He was being investigated for threatening to send an armed caravan to DC. They would have called on him if he phoned it in or sent a letter to the editor. You're trying to make it sound like he they went after him only because he posted it on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"Make the headline match the story, not your bias."
I can read between the lines because I can see the gaslighting !
QC is bias no doubt but I keep coming back to read it !

Jake said...

Well, I guess that's one less "freak show" posting nonsense comments on QC. I wonder if it's the "sheeple" guy?

Anonymous said...


Absolutely! This is how Communism works. Complete with snitching from friends, family members to be in good standing with the powers to be.

One question, Minneapolis had just about $12 Billion in damages.

Did not see anyone arrested. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if the FBI would arrest some Ultrafa or BCLM members when THEY post militant stuff once in a while. But waiting for that to happen is like waiting for Dementia Joe Biden's brain to actually function properly-it shall never be.

Anonymous said...

He posted online threats against Senator-elect Raphael Warnock. He crossed a line.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Sheeple, In God we trust, not politicians.
Did Congress knowingly and willingly certified a fraudulent election ?

Anonymous said...

@Jack said... Go hike the pike, you yellow snow eatin' pony-soldier !

BoredWithFascists said...

"Posting ideas" ? When did a Trumpanzee ever have an idea?

Anonymous said...

Boy the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence) really hit the jackpot with this bust. They found some ammo in this guy's house. Boy this guy is really the top of the food chain as far as terrorists go.

Meanwhile Antifa and BLM destroy,loot and burn our cities and not a peep from the FBI.

These guys couldn't find a whore in a whore house with a fistfull of 50 dollar bills.

Anonymous said...

>>Proud Boys<<

Yes perhaps some buy not the majority you saw on TV
Most of those arrested over the Capitol building (including the son of a NY Judge)fiasco were leftist extremists with prior arrests for ANIFTA riots. Its turning out their social media and confiscated computers & phones all point to ANIFTA!! Also note how now are demanding vegan food in jail.
ANIFTA infiltrated and did this to blame other people, it may have been setup by some 3rd party with lots of money!! Vegan bums, hippie idiots don't have real jobs or $$ for airplane tickets and hotels.
Why wont the TV news or politician's disclose this ?

Proud Boys, NRA, people who own guns, Trump supporters are not vegans, do not wear fake, do not burn US flags and last of all do not hate and hit police with pipes and fire extinguishers.
The dam media and people in DC (including republicans) need to tell the truth.
Why is all this not being disclosed, are the afraid of ANIFTA ?

BoredWithFascists said...

Here are his accomplishments.

390000 dead and rampant pandemic.
2 impeachments.
Giveaways to the corpoate elite and the super rich.
Child separations, caging and abuse.
Tear gasing peaceful protesters for a photo shoot.
Destruction of the environment.
No action on global warming.
Destruction US alliances.
Giveaways to the corpoate elite and the super rich.
USA weaker than it ever was.
China stronger and more influential than ever ( And no, calling them silly names is not being tough on China ).
Russia stronger and more influential than ever.
North Korea stronger than ever.
Pandering to dictators and mass murderers.
Habitual liar(including his supporters).
Net loss of 18 Million jobs.
Capital sacked by fascist pigs.
Police murder squads.
Corruption and Nepotism of the highest order.
Proliferation of Trumpanzees on the planet.
Oh, did I mention Giveaways to the corpoate elite and the super rich.

Anonymous said...

@Boredfool: Nothing but a Parrot for CNN double speak !