Friday, January 1, 2021

Douglaston is getting a homeless shelter for senior women? 



  A homeless shelter for senior women will open late next year in Douglaston, according to city officials.

The 75-bed shelter will be located at 243-02 Northern Blvd., previously occupied by Pride of Judea Community Services, and will be run by the nonprofit Samaritan Village.

It is the first homeless shelter in the Northeast Queens district overseen by Community Board 11, according to the NYC Department of Social Services, which oversees the Department of Homeless Services.

"New Yorkers from every community across the five boroughs have experienced and continue to experience homelessness, so we need every community to come together to address homelessness – now more than ever, in the midst of this unprecedented crisis," Associate Press Secretary Neha Sharma wrote in an emailed statement.

"This new high-quality facility will be the first traditional shelter in this Community District, offering 75 senior women experiencing homelessness the opportunity to get back on their feet safely and closer to their anchors of life, like jobs, healthcare, family, and houses of worship."

QC:  First shelter I’ve heard of for senior women. But then again this CB is special.

It’s ok, SV will F it up anyway.
JQ:  They made 76 million dollars this year in city contracts. Pandemic has been quite lucrative for these non-profits. City would save probably 3/4 of that if they made this supportive housing instead.


Anonymous said...

Nah, just getting the QUEENS Umbrella Hotel option with shootings, murder, prostitution and drugs.
Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

We do need more shelters, especially in areas that do not have enough yet, like Douglaston, or Forest Hills Gardens, Malba.

Anonymous said...

Exactly- the City is handing out these shelter contracts like salt water taffy samples at Coney Island- would be cost effective to build supportive housing and rent controlled housing for seniors. But then no body like Chirlaine would be getting her kickbacks from the unethical shelter vendors-
No doubt all of the residents of this shelter will be non Caucasian non Aidan and have lengthy criminal records. Where is Assemblymember Cathy Nolan - in this mix? How much was in her goody bag? How much did her loyal hench woman - chief of staff slumlord/bag girl get? Cathy Nolan does not settle for crumbs - she wants the whole pie and doesn’t care that children go to bed hungry so their parents can pay inflated rents- the slumlords never had it so good with Cathy Nolan looking out for them in Albany.

Anonymous said...

And they won’t be able to find any white homeless senior women to put in this shelter

Anonymous said...

We are a non-profit in Cathy Nolan's district. Have been around for a few decades. Called her office for support. Again and again. Finally, she came on the phone and talked to us.

For a minute.

Real sporting of her. Drain the swamp!

Anonymous said...

Senior women ? Really ? From where ?
I don't believe it. This will only get people mad for a few days and they will do nothing but take it up you know where !

Anonymous said...

Moe said...
Who remembers Welfare Island ?
Now we have Welfare City !

Anonymous said...

>>First shelter I’ve heard of for senior women<<

Its a shill to keep the local homeowners calm then do whatever they want once they get in. To anybody who believes the city will keeps its agreements I have a bridge for sale. Yes, for sure these homeless women will be non Caucasian non Aidan. --Add lengthy criminal records including prostitution, assault, robbery and drug use and distribution.
It's called blockbusting at gunpoint, because the city feels that neighborhood is too white and those private homeowners wont rent to degenerates, criminals and section 8s.
Goodbye property values in Douglaston, Little Neck is already behind the next 8 ball

Tennyson said...

CB11 certainly is special. I remember a certain CB11 member being against requests for improvements to bus service because they didn't want Bayside, Little Neck and Douglaston to turn into Flushing and didn't want all sorts of "wrong" people to come to CB11.

Anonymous said...

They will all be homeless from the area. Just like the residents of the Maspeth shelter were from Community Board 5.

Anonymous said...

It may start as senior women, but they will eventually move the real stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe this bullshit. Who are THEY REALLY going to house here? If you really think they will house homeless senior women here, you are sadly mistaken. Get ready for the pedophiles and rapists and newly released jail bait to come and be your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

This will only happen if you let it happen sheeple !
When will people ever learn ? One Party NYC Dems right ?
Vote them out and Vote for people with principal and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Correction, that's non Asian senior women.
It's all window dressing for graft to the shelter vendors, hotel owners/landlords and our sleazy elected officials.

When will new rent stabilized apartments be available with rents that a senior citizen could afford?

When will new rent stabilized apartments be available that some ethnic mafia is not making a boatload of money on since they get the funding from a state and City agency ?

We need permanent stable housing not temporary rooms. There's not even any cooking facilities in these homeless hotels. Too bad our politicians in Albany turn their back on tenants while in some cases, claim to be for housing rights.

One is Democrat Assembly member Cathy Nolan -

She has spend her long and sullied career profiting from disrespecting the working people and tenants of her district. Another great grandchild of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. Look at who she employees in her district office - a slumlord. Can't wait for her retirement party. Apparently she had to move her district office multiple times due to "feeling threatened". That translates to a constituent asked her office to help them. Which they didn't. She wants the votes to stay in her job but doesn't do any work for her constituents. What a shame.

Julie B. said...

Let's see how loud the owners of beautiful homes directly behind the site are. They have SO much to lose. My garden apartment is almost a mile south--how much property value can I lose?