Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More graffiti this year

From WPIX:

Complaints of graffiti are on the rise in New York City, according to the NYPD.

There have already been over 4,000 complaints this year — which is about five percent more than last year.


Anonymous said...

Its not that theres more graffiti, its simply that all of the new gentrifiers have a knack for complaining. Im sure if we saw a visual map of where all the complaints are coming from we would see a concentration in Williamsburg, LIC and East Harlem, corresponding to gentrification patterns.
Even a blind man could see that there is less graffiti today than ever before, in 5 or 10 years graffiti levels will be the same as when the Iroquois roamed NY, which is to say there wont be any all.

Anonymous said...

I think that depends on where you are. I lived in Jackson Heights for 6 years and just left a couple months ago. In the last year, there was noticeably more graffiti in my area, and not just on mailboxes/lampposts. Graffiti on the side of co-ops, on buildings abutting the library, and even on private vehicles. Once 5 Pointz disappeared people in other areas started complaining more about graffiti as well.

Could be coincidence, but I wouldn't blame it all on gentrifiers complaining. If it hasn't happened in your area, consider yourself lucky.

JQ said...

williamsburgh and l.i.c.?I thought the new wave of residents enjoyed street art.and a lot of hipsters contribute to the graffiti with their banksy ripoffs.

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt Av is wall to wall graffiti. Just ride the 7 train and glance out a window from either side . It's a disgrace! It's been like this for years and recently has gotten worse .

Anonymous said...

With 5 Pointz opportunity for graffiti writers to develop into aerosol artists is also gone. The high calibre of artwork which was recognized throughout the world at 5 Pointz is also gone. Thanks go to Jimmy Van Bramer as an accomplice to the Wolkoff family in the destruction of an important piece of art history. Who are the real vandals here...Councilman Jimmy who took about 10 grand from the Wolkoffs in campaign contributions...or the aerosol artists who were permitted legally to paint at 5 Pointz ? Uh, that was a rhetorical question which we all know the answer to already.

Anonymous said...

I ride the 7 daily and I see alot of graffiti and most of it is left over from the mid-late 00s.
Especially heading to main st you see pieces by kiko trap zoen ja clark phame etc that are more than a decade old.
There is no "resurgance" of graffiti, 5 Pointz only featured prominent graffiti artists and was very limited on space so its not like it was a roach trap that let all of the roaches loose once it was gone.
The average graffiti bomber never stepped foot on 5 Pointz.

Anonymous said...

Anon #6...I don't think anybody was talking about the graffiti on top the buildings that has been there forever. This is about NEW graffiti that is in the communities...on private houses, cars, etc. Anybody that walks the neighborhoods of Astoria, Elmhurst, Corona, and Jackson Heights on a regular basis would notice the increase. So would anybody that has volunteered for graffiti cleanup in any of those communities.