Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Magical Blue Bus may be parked in Maspeth permanently

Just off Rust Street sits the magical blue bus that has been featured on this blog many times before, as well as a companion bus that appears to have some issues.
The blue bus was first spotted at this location in mid-November and hasn't moved since. You gotta love towns without alternate side parking.
The bunk beds are still inside.
The Township of Hillsborough is in New Jersey.
These 2 make lovely additions to the streetscape.
I suppose it's a bit drafty inside...


JQ said...

I am sick of seeing these buses,did they stash the purple one on some dead end street in ridgewood?

what more can be said.the cops aren't doing shit about these buses because of the obvious hipster affiliation.hipsters are good for the free market and the city because they spend and spend.the only way to stop this is with vigilante bat wielding justice.as in the last picture,graffiti won't work because they think it gives them street cred.they also love banksy,even though he mocks capitalism and conformity.

generation gentrification has spread and taken over,like isis in iraq and syria,not with weapons and fear but with the enabling and complicity of our elected officials and the indifference of law enforcement.

I think this guy drives the bus.


bravo to the photographer.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it doesn't overheat and catch fire. Then it would have to move.

Anonymous said...

time to take our neighborhoods back from these gentrifiers

Anonymous said...

Is the blue one street-legal with that large platform welded to the back? Shouldn't there be lights attached to it and doesn't it obscure the real license plate?

Anonymous said...

"that large platform welded to the back"

They do "crawfish" dinner's, art transporting and smoking on that platform.
There is also a step van with hydraulics lurking someplace that splits opens up into a deck. Its painted (with an American flag) its owned by an artist couple from Georgia and Michigan. They also put a hot tub on the loft roof. Believe it or not they get big $$ grants to make these "art happenings"

Anonymous said...


JQ said...

georgia and michigan?

is it much to ask these denizens to start an art collective and make a name for themselves where they're from instead of overpopulating here and continuing the oversaturation of lousy art.

dali is doing cartwheels in his grave

Anonymous said...

Am not familiar with the "blue bus" phenomena-- can Crappy give us a brief tutorial/update? These are nation-wide known derelicts who travel in and park these things? What's the story here?

Queens Crapper said...

Pretty much. I was told these buses attend music festivals. They also were providing transportation to the Knockdown Center during Tiki Disco last year. I'm not sure where the inhabitants actually squat because the vehicles are never occupied when spotted.

Anonymous said...

Ugh Queens is doomed, we're looking at another Williamsburg (or as close to it as they can make it) 5-7 years from now. They already infested L.I.C., Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Ridegewood, and now Jackson Heights causing the rents to skyrocket. Once music venues open up for their shitty music (attention Forest Hills Tennis Stadium) you might as well wave the white flag.