Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Since no one in America fell for it...

These videos created to market the Atlantic Yards project to foreign investors - or should I say people who are being bribed with green cards in return for investing in this debacle - are really something else...

From Atlantic Yards Report:

Markowitz claims, incredibly, "Brooklyn is 1000 percent, 1000 percent behind Atlantic Yards."

He knows that's false. But it could help save Forest City Ratner some $191 million under the dubious exploitation of a federal program in which immigrant investors get green cards for themselves and their families in exchange for purportedly job-creating investments.

Markowitz closes by asserting that "there's nothing better than China and Brooklyn together."

There's some irony there, given that the version shown here is subtitled in Korean.

Meanwhile, the City apparently lured Caribbean teachers here with promises of green cards and never delivered on it.


Cav said...

Ugh! What a hideous building!

Anonymous said...

I want to live in A M E R I C A!

Anonymous said...

That's the same strategy they'll be using in Flushing to market the (already ill-fated) "Flushing Commons" project slated for municipal lot #1.

If you can't rook an American investor then rook the Chinese!

A "welcome" by-product that won't ever be discussed by the pols (except behind closed doors) in both the Atlantic Yards and Flush-Comm projects is that both will drive out people of color.

But isn't that what all of the sub-rosa plotting has been about all of these years...to welcome the Asians (and their money) and drive out the Afros?

We know so!

Anonymous said...

Flushing Commons is being built on spec...and that notorious CB#7 duo Chuck & Gene voted to approve it that way!

You've got a lot of answering to do to the feds someday when they eventually subpoena you boys.

I'll bet that Michael Lee & Co. is currently shopping for investors...maybe in Shanghai?

The money wasn't "in pocket" before TDC presented their shaky plan.

The important thing though, in the meantime, is that the land transfer get completed post-haste!

Then TDC can take its sweet-ass time screwing us all once they hold the deed!