Monday, October 5, 2009

Will Halloran attack backfire?

From the Queens Chronicle:

A campaign to discredit Republican City Council candidate Dan Halloran by a Queens weekly may have backfired.

“I am hoping people will see it for what it is,” said Halloran, who is running to replace Democratic Councilman Tony Avella in the 19th District. Avella is not seeking re-election. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor in the primary.

A front page story in the Sept. 17 edition of the Queens Tribune depicts Halloran as a “Pagan Lord.” His photo, showing him dressed in a tunic, is positioned next to a preppy-looking, smiling Kevin Kim, labeled the “Democratic Victor.”

The Tribune’s sister company, Multi-Media Corp., is representing Kim in his campaign and has already raked in more than $80,000 from the candidate, according to the city Campaign Finance Board’s list of Kim’s expenditures.

Those expenses include campaign mailings, printing, campaign literature, professional services and consulting.

Michael Nussbaum, president of Multi-Media, is also associate publisher and executive vice president of the Queens Tribune. In a 2003 column, Michael Schenkler, the Tribune’s publisher and editor-in-chief, bragged that his office is next to that of his friend, Michael Nussbaum.

The newspaper was founded by Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-Queens), who Kim worked for immediately before running for office.

Although Kim has raised $306,566, which is more than any of the other Democratic hopefuls he beat in the primary, he only has $17,220 left until Election Day. He opted out of city matching funds, he says, as a practical matter, because he entered the race late and had to raise as much money as he could against the Queens Democratic Party-endorsed candidate, Jerry Iannece, and a well-known political name, Paul Vallone.

According to records for the last filing date, Halloran has raised $16,340 and has $6,529 left to spend. He will also get full matching funds since he opted into the program. “I have raised $20,000 and will get plenty back,” Halloran said, noting that he received a lot of financial support last week, based somewhat on anger over the printed attack.

The Republican added he has heard from many people who said they were offended by the Tribune’s tactic. “We should be talking about issues,” Halloran said. “Our nation was founded on religious freedom in America. It shouldn’t be part of the political process.”

He finds the attack particularly repugnant, “especially here in Flushing, the home of the Remonstrance,” the document that gave birth to religious freedom in America. “I’m a man of faith.”

In a perverse way, the attack on Halloran has energized his campaign. “I absolutely believe I’ll win. I am 100 percent committed to the campaign and I won’t be affected by cheap shots,” he said.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i know Dan will come after me for this, but doesn't one have to ask if he goes by Halloran in public and O'Halloran in private, are there any other hidden personas he has?

Anonymous said...

I don't live in his district,but i'll pony up some cash........

Anonymous said...

REhashing old news does nothing to help this candidate. As Halloran is quoted as saying in the article, "We should be talking about the issues." So Queens Crap, do some real reporting and tell us what are the issues/platforms that Halloran and Kim are running on, so we can make informed choices, instead of basing our choice on what religion the candidates practice. Otherwise, you are no better than the Tribune.

Anonymous said...

It's not old news, pal. It was in this past week's edition of the Chronicle. Maybe they should have predicted what their competition was going to do and condemn it ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Based on the issues, Kim doesn't have a chance. Halloran kills him in debates because he knows what he's talking about where Kim sounds like a hack.

Anonymous said...

This much about nothing. The Pagan depiction is silly. Giving the Trib additional exposure helps it's cause not the other way around. It figures the Trib Publisher is connected to whomever - it's newspapering - the bully pulpit that a Publisher enjoys is the perk of business - hopefully they make money.

The Trib however has not evolved as other new publications crowd it out. Part of the Trib's problem is this story - they are the main culprit in this story and folks see through the thin veneer of poop!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Candidate Halloran was forthcoming in his response (Queens Chronicle op ed) to an attack by the "Trib" on his religious beliefs by clearly revealing them...although he certainly wasn't required to do so.

Thanks Dan for your honesty and generosity in sharing your most personal thoughts with the public.

Should candidate Kim now also come forward on his personal religious beliefs?

I think not.

The U.S. Constitution clearly states that there must be a separation of church and state in our republic.

Once again, shame on the "Queens Tribune/Multi Media" for promting religious intolerance.

Out of curiosity...though it's none of my damn business either...what are Kevin Kim's religious affiliations?

That was just a rhetorical question so, please, don't get out of joint!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending a check to the Halloran campaign!

Detective McNutty said...

If people want a issue they should vote Republican because NYC is a one party town, which breeds corruption. We should vote Republican in order to break the Democrats power. I am not saying the Republicans are saints but NYC needs a voter revolution in November, where the Democratic Machine is taken down.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Why is Michael Schenkler surprised about Dan Halloran's sudden change of heart on promoting Asatru-Theodism? After being ridiculed as a "Pagan Lord" on the front page of this newspaper, Halloran took down his religious website/blog and changed his
religion status on Facebook. Perhaps Halloran took down his website so that the local press would focus more on the platform of his candidacy, than his personal beliefs.

The "Pagan Lord" headline hits a sensitive nerve, because even today, pagans are still widely associated with violence, witchcraft and Halloween, after centuries of persecution by Christian authorities in Europe.

Only a generation ago, it was still acceptable to ridicule gays in public. Today, gay candidates like Danny Dromm and Jimmy van Bramer are widely respected, and nobody in the press peeps into their personal lives. So why is Halloran given a hard time?

As a Tribune contributor, it pains me to criticize the paper that gave me some of my first clips...

Anonymous said...

Isn't pagan a term created by Christians? If so, why is the Tribune using it?

Anonymous said...

do people really waste their time reading the Trib? Based on their political connections alone, nobody should feel comfortable basing their opinions on anything contained within those pages.

georgetheatheist said...

The term "separation of church and state" technically is not in the Constitution. The phrase was used by Thomas Jefferson in his 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists. It was quoted by the US Supreme Court in 1878 and since l947 popularized in court decisions.

Question to the Queens Chronicle: how can you run a successful publishing business without promoting prostitution by running classified whore ads like the Tribune?

Anonymous said...

nobody should feel comfortable basing their opinions on anything contained within those pages.


Anonymous said...

Because Queens readers have to choose between politically connected free newspapers and an anonymous blogger.

Maybe if the anonymous Crapper revealed herself, she would have more credibility.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he has no chance to win to see if this article had truly backfired. If Avella endorsed him then maybe he would have a chance like a blind folded kid hitting a pinata.

Anonymous said...

Of course it will backfire.

Shenkler and Nussbaum are already experiencing acid reflux!

And Ackerman's carnations are wilting after just 5 minutes in his lapel!

Anonymous said...

Between an anonymous blogger and a biased newspaper, our borough is doomed.

Reveal yourself, Crapper!

georgetheatheist said...

What's on TV tonite? Let me see. Oooh, here's something of interest.

"The 3 Stooges Run a Newspaper".

That's for me! Starring my favorites: Moe Schenkler, Larry Nussbaum, Curly Ackerman. And with a trailer with Shemp Rafferty.


Anonymous said...

Between an anonymous blogger and a biased newspaper, our borough is doomed.

Reveal yourself, Crapper!

WTH? Why is Big Brother posting on our blogs? Ironic, that an anonymous commenter posted the above comment. FAIL

Frank said...

He kind of looks like the guy from King of Queens in this photo.

Anonymous said...

Reveal yourself, Crapper!

Why don't you go first...TROLL!!!

Jerry Rotondi said...

For "George" and others...text from the United States Constitution:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".

I'm no Constitutional scholar but in a nutshell it seems to indicate that government should keep its nose out of religion doesn't it?

That more than implies separation of church and

But now we have Supreme Court case law to back it all up!

Thanks for the Jefferson note.

Great old Tom. I wish we had some men like him around today!

Anonymous said...

Luv your "3 Stooges" analogy ...George! Right on!

Anonymous said...

Ah be gorra...surin it's "ruffles" Rafferty bangin' away at his keyboard again!

Anonymous said...

Manes loved whoring.

Wasn't Friedman, Nussbaum and Manes tight?

So maybe the "Trib's" two Mikes take solace in running their whore ads.

I'd love to see Schenkler write a massage parlor review column.

Anonymous said...

Just wrote a check for Halloran.

I'm a lifelong registered Dem,
but the actions of the Trib (and by default, Gary Ackerman) have changed my position.

Don't worry Gary,
I'm voting against you next time too.

Anonymous said...

And didn't Ackerman vote against honoring Christmas, claiming it would be divisive, although he voted for similar bills honoring Ramadan and Diwali? He only wants to keep the wall of separation between church and state when it's convenient for him (or his protege).

Anonymous said...

It was a nasty thing to go after Halloran's Religious belief. So I went to his site and see where he stands on the issues.
I see he is a proud tea bagger who are against the Presidents view and 68% of this countries supporters on Health care. Halloran view is just more of the same the Right Wing "Corporatists" view. I listened to HIS video on HIS site. It's like he got his script from Faux News. His side kick Betsy McCaughey who is a Faux News contributor go together to hold tea bagger rallies which they call "Anti Obama rallies."
Now I come to this site and all this talk about Bloomie. But Halloran is more of the same "CRAP". Go to his site and see for yourself. THINK before you jump on his band wagon. This is his site check it for your self. By the way you will need to scroll down towards the bottom of the site.
Oh no one asks him about his links to the Federalist Society.
The Federalist Society's board of trustees is co-chaired by Robert Bork and U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch one of the most conservative members on Capitol Hill.

Anonymous said...

And Ackerman and his crew have sold out the USA to Asian interests.

Witness downtown Flushing.

"The Deadly District # 19 Debacle" coming soon to a theater near you if Gary's boy "carpetbagger" Kim gets in!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you do some research and look up boss Ackermann's ties to that notorious criminal Tommy Huang..."Ruffles" and print that in your asswipe?


Anonymous said...

did not queens congressman,Gary Ackerman, lobby
to get a pardon for the ISRAELI SPY ,,JONATHAN POLLARD?it was at the end of the Clinton administration.the leaders of the C.I.A. threatened to resign, and Clinton backed down.(1999)

great counsel for KEVIN KIM!! TRAITOR SCHOOL.

Superb Jon said...

Halloran is not beneath jibing that Catholic Irish outbreed Protestants. American Protestands and Jews have traditionally argued Catholics, Muslims and Confucians (Sineurabia) are united by their pagan undercurrents.