Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thompson says Mike needs to leave "Bloombergland"

From The Politicker:

Michael Bloomberg just released his annual Mayor’s Management Report, a collecting of data about life in New York City gathered by city agencies.

Some oddities stood out: there are more noise complaints, but fewer noise violations being written up by police. There are also more accidents on construction sites while fewer buildings are being constructed.

Bloomberg, in a nearly hourlong press conference in the Blue Room at City Hall, said the apparent quirks were probably due to the lack of police manpower. Noise violations need to be occurring by the time cops arrive, which can sometimes take days for this kind of complaint, he said.

Rectifying the problems of not having enough cops and it taking days for them to respond to complaints is where exactly on Bloomberg's priority list?

From NY1:

But the report also detailed a nagging problem in reducing average class size almost across the board, an increase in the number of homeless families in city shelters and a continuing rise in unemployment. All of the numbers cited are said to be in line with national trends.

"I'm sure there's something that's going up that you can write a column about," Bloomberg said. "The bottom line is there's always things that are going to be going in the wrong direction, over the long term, if they continue to go in the wrong direction, then it's a serious thing."

"Mayor Bloomberg needs to get out of City Hall and talk to the people of New York City. We're looking at the highest unemployment rate in 16 years. We're looking at unemployment in the African-American community that has skyrocketed in the last year. We're looking at people losing their homes and their jobs across the city, we're looking at a city that is struggling, and Mike Bloomberg says everything's great, everything's fabulous, and this is a a wonderful city. As I said, this is almost Bloombergland where this is no reality, the mayor needs to get real."
- Comptroller Bill Thompson

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