Thursday, October 1, 2009

A tale of two cities

From the Daily News:

...there is no more powerful symbol of the city's profound contradictions than seeing our billionaire mayor spend nearly $100 million to get reelected to a controversial third term, while more than a million of his constituents try to scrape out a meager living.

It is not reassuring, the report says, that the state of New York continues to have the highest level of inequality in the country. And neither is it reassuring that a study conducted by the Coalition Against Hunger found that "all pilot anti-poverty programs initiated by Mayor Bloomberg's Center for Economic Opportunity combined involved approximately 42,000 people."

Keep in mind that more than 1.5 million New Yorkers live on an income below the federal poverty line.

As long as this is the case, New York will be the greatest city in the world only for the few who can afford it.

The rest, the majority of its residents, will have little reason to give their city - and their mayor - the thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea...
cut the bloated state and city budgets; say good-bye to the unions, cut taxes, and companies will come with jobs! Sounds good to me. Also, you won't need to use that worn out picture of the unconscious sidewalk crackhead anymore.

Michael R. Bloomberg said...

"LET THEM EAT CAKE (or crap if gateux is unavailable)!

Pardon e mois garcon...but my fillet mignon appears to be overcooked".

Robespierre said...

The peoples' revolution can be successfully accomplished in November...AT THE POLLS...sans guillotine!

Then (ha, ha, ha) at least Bloomberg's political head will be rolling down the steps of city hall.


What better choice do we have...four more years of King Michael's tyrannical rule?

linda said...

i think it's sad that people are living in the streets, shelters and straving while this mayor is spending millions for a third term. it just shows he's all about himself and not with what's really going on. and good bye unions? the unions workers are paying into the city/state and federal taxes. let's get after the illegals who don't pay taxes, and suck up our future.

Jerry Rotondi said...

"linda"...Marie Antoinette's reincarnation...Mike Bloomberg!

Sarah said...

First, let's look at the young man in the picture. He looks able bodied to me. Are we to believe he cannot find any work in the whole city? Washing dishes or warehouse work. Maybe he has to work two jobs in order to survive. Then he could take some college courses or go to a trade school. There are plenty of grants and programs to help. Or maybe he just has a drug and alcohol problem and CHOSSES to stay the way he is.
I am sorry but I don’t agree with the premise of the story. What does Michael Bloomberg having money have to do with 1 million people not having money? Should we take Michael's money and give it to them and then that will be fair? Every American has choices they make to obtain the life they live. Some have it harder than others, but if they perceiver can become very successful here in New York. Class envy is a propaganda tool used to make the citizens think they are some how cheated. Just remember if someone can take from those who have it wont be long before they take some fortune or right or freedom from you.

Alan said...

The question remains...why does he feel compelled to spend millions on TV and radio ads and stuffing our mailboxes with his junk? Let us not forget the print media ads as well. Perhaps he realizes that he is not the shoe-in that the media plays him out to be. I am referring to the media that he is buying with the campaign money. Nobody bites the hand that feeds it, especially in such an economic downturn.

What is more disturbing are the tone of his ads. He claims that he is being attacked by Thompson and yet I have yet to see a Thompson ad on TV. Wherein lies the truth?

To me, the biggest issue is the overturning of term limits and the destruction of democracy in this city. If things are allowed to continue, especially for another 4 years, this city will face worse problems than the ones that we are dealing with currently. I think that Thompson should hit Bloomturd hard with all of the corruption that is being uncovered, specifically with the DOB, the EDC (Wallet's Point etc.), and many other instances throughout all 5 boroughs. If Thompson has any chance, he has to start hitting hard and soon. It's a case of fighting fire with fire. I predict that it's going to get ugly.

Queens Crapper said...

The photo of the homeless person has been replaced with a more illustrative map.

"all pilot anti-poverty programs initiated by Mayor Bloomberg's Center for Economic Opportunity combined involved approximately 42,000 people" when there are 1.5 million people in poverty is the issue. If he concentrated our money and his efforts on assistimg them instead of his shangri-la fantasylands at Willets Point, Atlantic Yards, etc, the city would be in much better shape.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the original picture went away. How curious.

Anonymous said...

Crappy just explained that, thanks.

This was the Billionaire that was supposed to start giving away his earnings. Instead he spent his money overturning the will of the people and blitzing us with campaign rhetoric. A much better use of his money!

Frank said...

Central Park is a poverty area according to the map!

Queens Crapper said...

Nope. Poverty areas are outlined in black.

georgetheatheist said...

According to the colors on the map, Queens is pretty well-off. (That's why I live here.)

Anonymous said...

did not the n.y.c. city council dems. and the mayor(dem/rep/ind/ fly these poverty stricken illegal aliens to their country of choice? at taxpayer's expense?
i see by the map that the riker's island ciminals are listed as impoverished. taxpayers pay for their dental,medical,room and board,etc.etc.
i never trust the daily news liberal slant.recheck the statistics.
president obama's healthcare uninsured decreased from 47 million to 30million?? others estimate 10 million uninsured.are we not being
fed much disinformation?

Anonymous said...

gee whiz !!!!!! nyc NEVER EVER HAD FOLKK on welfare prior to 2009 ? .....think we even had more than a million as well.

Anonymous said...

unemployed, underemployed, and drop out: 17%

that is 50% of the depths of the depression.

remember that in feb after bloomer gets elected, the increase taxes, and the economy responds by falling on its ass.

you read it here first boys n girls!