Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bloomberg the bird lover

From NY1:

The other day, my neighbor brought me this dead bird. This tiny warbler was killed after crashing into a glass window that it couldn’t see. Over the last 8 years, over a half million songbirds have died needlessly in New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken the first steps in endorsing for the voluntary lights out program and by his ambitious PLANYC2030. Much more work needs to be done. NYC lags behind Chicago and San Francisco in making a bird-friendly city.

Yes, Glenn. Bloomberg's DOB is really doing a lot about this. So is city planning. Just take a look at this great project in the Village:

Hey Bloomie, instead of giving developers tax breaks for phony affordable housing promises, how about giving them incentives to build towers that don't kill birds and trees? Then I could almost convince myself that you actually cared. Want to promote "green" building? Start with the basics.

That goose policy of his is also very animal-friendly!

Photo from Curbed.


Anonymous said...

I saw a dead hummingbird a few years ago because someone left the window sticking right into its flight path. God forbid the building could have been designed with windows that opened up instead of out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Queencrapper,

I like birds just as much as the next guy, maybe even a little more but because birds fly into windows does not mean that we should not make buildings with curtain walls.
This is not a Queens or a city issue, this is a worldwide issue.
Get a grip.

Queens Crapper said...

Dear Schmuck,

NYC takes the lead on worldwide issues. Especially under Mike Bloomberg. Remember?

Anonymous said...

Blumturd has thing about birds and other little helpess creatures like kids.

Seems to like big powerful virile .... um developers though.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

I do luf birdz. I can't wait to zee everyone doing the goose step!!!

gov. arnold schwarzenegger. said...

Ach, Adolf. Zat vas anudder gut von! Hah-hah-hah. Keep zem koming. Hah-hah-hah.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Green with Bloomberg is his money. This man privatized parks and puts restaurants in them (union square park) and no birds and squirrels are welcomed. This turn this city into a cold concrete jail. There is no nature or green in NYC. what he did to those geese was cruel and NEEDLESS. I still hope one of them take down his plane with him on it. That would be justice.