Friday, October 16, 2009

Parks Department inducted into Fox 5's Hall of Shame

MYFOXNY.COM - A group of angry homeowners in queens couldn't believe what the city was telling them. A fallen tree had caused major sidewalk damage over the summer. Crews chopped up the tree and took it away, but the stump and the destroyed sidewalk remained.

So a homeowner did what the city officials say you're supposed to do: She dialed 311 and reported the problem.

The city's answer? It would take three to five years -- yes, years -- to fix it. But then Fox 5's Arnold Diaz got involved.

The best line: "If this happened in front of Mayor Bloomberg's house, would this sit like this?"


linda said...

this debuty is full of crap and it would of taken 3-5 yrs. guess dorothy sent him out there immediately, so she didn't look bad since it hit the news. queens commiss' sucks! just shows she's not doing a great job.. one machine to remove trees, i thought the parks dept. contracts out the jobs??

Anonymous said...

what if an illegal alien and one of her fifteen children tripped on a crack in the sidewalk? they would all come a running to repair it. What if the elderly "aunt" or "uncle" from Pakistan fell in that gap? You know they came here just to get the Social Security check from the stupid Americans. the news trucks would all be there.

The people who work at 311 know less than the average person who calls them. Once in a while you get a rare 311 operator, the rest of them want you off the phone ASAP. They tell you anything to make less work for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Problem number one is that Dottie Lewandowski is commissioner. Problem number two is that people no longer have common sense, because they read right from a computer what the answer is for people who call 311. Problem number three is that there is no follow up-where are the sixteen stump grinders located and why couldn't one be borrowed from another borough? Maybe because other borough commanders don't respect Lewandowski?

ted sheckler said...

I guess the parks dept. was just stumped.