Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hearing could reopen Parkway Hospital

Hosp seeks mandatory, preliminary injunction; Indicted Assemb. Anthony Seminerio, Jamaica Hospital/Medisys CEO David Rosen scheduled to testify

Who: Dr. Robert Aquino, owner/CEO of Parkway Hospital; David Rosen, president/CEO Jamaica Hospital/Medisys Corp; Fmr. Assemb. Anthony Seminerio and counsel from NYS Attorney General’s office.

What: Parkway is seeking a mandatory preliminary injunction so it may reopen. In a rare turn of events, the state of NY will be on the defense at this hearing and must now prove why Parkway should not get its license back.

Parkway is confident that the hearing will show that the state acted improperly in:

(A) closing a private hospital without due process of law and,

(B) allowing a corrupt politician (Seminerio) to call the shots at the Dept. of Health which assisted said politician in closing the hospital down when the hospital’s CEO refused to pay what amounted to a bribe.

Pkwy anticipates that Seminerio will be called as a witness and will be compelled by the judge to “specify” names, as Seminerio has already pleaded guilty and no longer has any privilege against self-incrimination. Note: Seminerio is set to be sentenced in the very next courtroom, same day, same time.

Mr. Rosen, head of Jamaica Hospital, has also been subpoenaed to testify at this hearing.

When/Where: Tuesday, October 20, 2009. U.S. Federal court located at 500 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan. The courtroom is Judge Kaplan's on the 12th floor.

Why: To reopen Parkway Hospital in Queens, effectively helping to alleviate the dire shortage of hospital beds in the borough, improve the quality of health care and give back hundreds of jobs that were lost last year when Parkway was illegally shuttered.


Media Contact: Alan Krawitz on behalf of Pkwy and Dr. Robert Aquino 631.741.9391 or


Anonymous said...

Need to jump on board opening as many hospitals or emergency outlets in Queens. Overall the city's emergency response (think 9/11) should take into account the entire health care availability and access 24x7. Needless to say, Queens population is proportionality under served.

Snake Plissskin said...

Woa - lets say this slow.

Do you mean that the Queens County machine is not only accused of favoring (over the interests of homeowners, voters, taxpayers and citizens) the needs of illegal aliens, the tweeded, community destroying developers, and making a mockery of the Bill of Rights (those pagans!) but closing a hospital?!?


I am going to rush out and read about this in the Queens weeklies right now!

Vernon Malcolm said...

Brian McLoglyn, Jimmy Meng and Tony Semenoreo show what happens when you deal with Dumbo Long!

Anonymous said...