Saturday, October 17, 2009

Parking ticket harassment continues at Willets Point

From Willets Point United:

Very early this morning, parking tickets were written for about 15 cars parked under the Whitestone/Van Wyck overpass, right in front of Northern Boulevard. For decades, the overpass has been an area where parked cars are welcome. There is no sign anywhere prohibiting parking. Mets fans routinely park in this area when attending games, and are not ticketed for doing so. Construction workers routinely parked in this area during the years of constructing CitiField, and were not ticketed for doing so. Willets Point workers have parked in this area for decades, and have not been ticketed for doing so. Today's ticket blitz seems unjustified. Moreover, the vehicles ticketed evidently are those whose drivers arrived at Willets Point very early, to begin a long day's work –– some of the hardest workers in the City, who are modestly paid and significantly hurt by the unprecedented tickets.


georgetheatheist said...

And what do the tickets read? The violation, please.

Anonymous said...

The interesting fact is that many Willets Point workers actually take bikes to work from their homes in Corona and Flushing.

Imagine that- people who work close to their homes and take buses, trains, and bikes to work.

And their jobs often involve taking apart wrecked cars and recycling the metal and glass.

A green commute and green jobs. And Bloomberg wants to destroy this!

Anonymous said...

Cheap Mets fans from LI park here for every game. No tickets are ever given to them.

linda said...

thank bloomturd for this!