Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hospitals sold to realtor for cheap

From the Queens Courier:

At an auction on Friday, October 16, both St. John’s Queens and Mary Immaculate Hospitals – shuttered earlier this year – were sold to the highest bidder.

According to Dan Andrews, spokesperson for Borough President Helen Marshall, the properties, formerly owned by Caritas, were bought by Brooklyn-based Guttman Realty for a total price of $26.625 million.

A Bankruptcy Court hearing is set for Thursday, October 22 to approve the transaction, though a manager who answered the phone at Guttman Realty told The Courier she had no knowledge of the sale.

Photo from the Daily News


Anonymous said...

Can someone ask Dan Andrews what his boss did to save the hospitals?

linda said...

wow! now what are they going to do for queens hospitals? the city and state allowed this to happen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You QUEENS Borough President Helen Marshall - you really came through for all of Queens --- You should be ashamed of yourself...