Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Only Bloomie's hand picked cheering section allowed

From Found in Brooklyn:

F.I.B's eyewitness news team showed up this afternoon for Bloomberg's celebration of the start of work on the Gowanus Flushing tunnel finally starting (of course it took the threat of halting development to proceed) and said that no one who really lived in the community was allowed to watch or participate in it! The usual suspects were there for this private celebration. You know, Toll Brothers, our former lame-o Councilman Bill DiBlasio, Buddy Scotto and his crew, Borough President Marty Markowitz, assorted politicians and the people who love them and of course the press.

"Eight members of the DEP Flushing Tunnel Rehabilitation Stakeholders Committee were barred from entering and taking part in the celebration that is going on as I type this email at the Flushing Tunnel Station on Douglass Street. These 8 people and others spent many, many hours of their time freely to review documents and provide input into the planning for this effort since DEP convened the group in 2002.


Just wanted all of you to know how concerned citizens who give their time to better their community and all of New York City get treated by the current mayor of NYC."

Photo from YourNabe.com


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Any questionz???

Taxpayer said...

Then let's keep him out of our election day celebration after November 3.

Only legally elected officials are invited.

The Commissar can celebrate his new life as the naked emperor in Boston.

Dump him!

Anonymous said...

But of course...Bloomberg takes TOTAL CONTROL.

There will be no criticism of Der Fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

What is so different about this? This is the way everything in Queens is run.

They are careful to give the non-developer position a place, then do everything to make it marginal.

Once that happens, they disappear and the clueless multitude clapping on command don't even notice.

PizzaBagel said...

So that should mean eight less votes for the Kommissar and onto the ledger of Bill Thompson -- a shift of 16 in the right direction. Tell your friends, folks. Keep 'em comin'.

an old NYC survivor said...

Hitler was a control freak to say the least.

Stalin controlled absolutely with a steel hand.

Mao used a touch more subtlety.

Bloomberg shares a similar form of dementia with these other sociopaths.

He actually believes he's doing good for NYC.

The problem is it's a SUPER STATE NYC that he wants to build...his ultimate luxury product...where only the party members of the super wealthy can live.

Der Bloomberg's final solution is the elimination of the middle class.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Hitler was a control freak to say the least.

You get me!!!