Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girls are not for sale

From the Queens Tribune:

Child sex trafficking is rampant in Queens – in South Jamaica, the Rockaways, on Sutphin Boulevard, and in Queens Plaza, according to Girls Educational and Mentoring Service, which aims to fight the problem with support and education.

GEMS may be headquartered in Harlem, but the group sends street outreach teams to those areas and other undisclosed locations in Queens to reach borough girls who are easy prey for pimps. Out of the group’s 94 “mandates” – girls ordered to attend counseling after being arrested for prostitution – 79 of them were from Queens. Street outreach teams identify victims who are as young as 11, and offer them support.

In Queens, pimps hang around movie theaters and other hangouts, but also outside group homes and homeless shelters to target girls who may come from unstable homes. They have girls call them “daddy,” in an effort to play on the girls’ dependency on the pimp.

From the Trib's editorial:

The predators who lure girls as young as 12 or 13 into this life destroy the precious gifts of hope, dreams and self-worth that vibrant children carry. Instead, they replace it with horrific ordeals, illegal drugs and booze. They don’t just take a girl’s purity – they crush her spirit and stifle her growth into a woman of substance.

Just this week DA Brown sent a pimp to jail for seven years for ringing the life of a 14-year-old girl. Keep at it, there’s plenty of girls out there who need you.

Yes, DA Brown, please start with the back pages of the Trib.


A Mike said...

Yes, DA Brown, please start with the back pages of the Trib.

But I provide a safe service. I can't check all of the clients' ID's but without their business, the paper might go down...just like some of my advertisers!!!

Disgusted!!! said...

The only difference between the Schenkler/Nussbaum/Ackerman team and the pimps on the streets is that the Trib team knows that their political friends will protect them from prosecution. Whore mongering is whore mongering no matter how you slice it!!! Same old song, this time sung by Schenkler and the Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Michael Nussbaum's company Shanghai Nights Ltd. (or whatever the hell it's called) needs to be looked into also.

Anonymous said...

Girls are not for sale....except in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know any good blog/website for things regarding Flushing.

Anonymous said...

The only jerks who are sicker than the pimps are the johns who want to have sex with an 12 or 13 year old. Sick. They should go away for life. If I was a judge, these sickos would never get out of jail. You can't cure these guys.

Anonymous said...

This perversion is age-old. Do you know that in 19th Century New York the age of consent was 12?

And then we have the moron who thinks that the parks department is out of line trying to keep grown men out of playgrounds.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say the parks department's intentions were wrong just that it might be unlawful to eject a citizen from a public place...you twice used tampon!

Brush up on your reading comprehension skills.

Your mouth and brain are a trifle out of synch too.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, a man using a term like "twice used tampon" to comment on a story about little girls being used as sex slaves.

It speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

re:Comment,'THIS PERVERSION" you are nuts. i am a male adult, who watches the adult female cafe ,softball games ,at a Little Neck playground.there are always other adults at the games.

you need some help!!!

Anonymous said...

"This perversion" refers to pedophilia. The situation is men without children hanging around playgrounds.

It is perfectly legal to watch children play ball, especially since they're probably your own children.

The Parks Department regulation keeping people without children from frequenting playgrounds does not apply to ballfields. Only playgrounds, which are the enclosed areas with swings, seesaws and so forth.

And yes, the areas are posted. They should be if this story "Girls are Not for Sale" is accurate. I know people who are afflicted by this illness and who have lusted after primary school children so this is certainly a problem.

Anonymous said...

Take that "twice used" and double dip yourself a nice cup of hot "tea" you bushel of "A" holes!

Now how do you like that for mega crudity?

Anonymous said...

Critic of of the term "twice used tampon".

You're assuming I'm a man which I'm not. I guess your computer's gender meter is on the fritz again.

I'm just a down to earth lady who's tired of the overused "ass wipe".

So I decided to inject a new refreshingly descriptive term into the English lexicon.

Now buzz off!

Anonymous said...

Fishwives exist too and its still degrading.

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Arsh vipes. Tempons. Har-har-har. Vas ist next?