Friday, October 2, 2009

Oil pumped into wrong house

From CBS 2:

A Queens homeowner is steaming mad at a fuel company that pumped 100 gallons of oil into his home – and he doesn't even have an oil tank.

His family has been forced out of their home, and his wife has been hospitalized from the fumes.

To say John Byas is angry over what happened to his home is putting it mildly.

"I work hard and it's a lot of money wasted," Byas said.

His newly renovated basement is ruined, his carpet yanked up, and furniture is piled outside in a heap, all because of a mistake made by the Ferrantino Fuel Corporation.

They delivered 100 gallons of oil to his home – pumped through an outside pump, flooding the basement – but Byas has lived at the home for two decades, and has never had an oil tank.


Anonymous said...

Typical NYC stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to find good workers these days.

Anonymous said...

someone wants his property

Anonymous said...

Hope that company had a good insurance policy..