Friday, October 2, 2009

CUNY Law School moving to Court Square

NEW YORK (AP/ 1010 WINS) -- The City University of New York Law School is getting a new home in Queens.

CUNY said in a statement released Tuesday that its Board of Trustees approved the law school's relocation to the Court Square neighborhood of Long Island City, a move that will give the school nearly 70,000 additional square feet of space.

The 26-year-old law school, currently in Flushing, Queens will relocate to the first six floors of a 14-story green building.

CUNY will own a condominium interest in those floors. Citigroup will retain ownership of the remainder of the building.

CUNY says the new site will be ready in time for the start of Fall 2011 classes.

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Anonymous said...

in 1983, the cuny law school occupied P.S. 130 at 42 avenue/francis lewis blvd.,in bayside,queens. the k-6
school pupils were forced out of the area by mayor koch's,chancellor macchiarola. district 26 was deemed
"underutilized". P.S. 130 had one of the highest enrollments . the building was not "rundown" as cuny
propaganda states.
in 1986,i recall reading news reports that "the internationale"(anthem of the communist/socialist movement ) was sung at the law school's first graduation,in the queens college auditorium. supposedly,queens b.p.,claire schulman walked out?
for many years,
only 5% of the graduates passed the examination. the school moved to main street.
in the late 1990's,mayor r.giuliani appointed herman badillo as cuny chairman. badillo ended
the failed 'open enrollment' policy of the previous
liberal administrations.he also revamped the curriculum at cuny. open enrollment permitted pupils, who "graduated" from n.y.c. highschools, an automatic seat at cuny colleges. it was a complete
failure!! see:wikipedia,herman badillo.
cuny (click history) reports that 77% and 83% of graduates passed the exam in 2006 and 2007,respectively. in 2007,the princeton review stated cuny law school,'has the 4th most diverse faculty and the 3rd most left leaning student body in the United States.
welcome to l.i.c. and the obama stimulus bank building!!!!!