Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Liu is in a fine mess

From the NY Post:

John Liu's hard-fought victory in the Democratic race for comptroller could cost him an astounding $588,000 in fines -- the most violations ever slapped on a candidate for plastering the city with illegal posters.

According to figures compiled by the Sanitation Department, Liu's campaign has received 7,840 violations so far.

Each carries a penalty of $75, meaning he'll have to fork over more than $500,000 unless the penalties are reduced at the Environmental Control Board.


Anonymous said...

A little help from Silver Slipper Ackerman, on the East Asia Relations committee or what ever will help...

... and obligate our friend futher.

Anonymous said...

He's already breaking the law! Wake up New York - Vote Republican!

Anonymous said...

Hey...big shirtie...big tickie!

That's what hand laudered money is for.

Liu...the China connection...will just wash some cash from abroad and cough up his fines with that Cupid's bow smile of his.

His years as a financial actuary (one who plots costs based on death) gives him the skills he needs for financial concealment.

He's probably advised cousin Tommy Huang many times.

Only in America does a bank robber's son get to guard the bank!

Taxpayer said...

Want a crook who starts the comptroller's job on day one having broken the law at least 7840 times?

Vote for Joseph A. Mendola to protect yourself from more crime.

Anonymous said...

Cupid's bow?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Chinese worker that he had helping him put up all those signs cant understand what is going on. They are so used to slum conditions i bet they dont even realize what an eyesore illegal postings can be.

Looking at the mess that they made of Chinatown and Flushing, i bet they even see the posters as a visual improvement!

Anonymous said...

How about the David Yassky posters that were still up on poles along union tpke in Briarwood and Fresh Meadows. The signs also had the NY times endorsement. Did Yassky and the NY times get fined like all the groups in Maspeth from when the boyscouts put up the festival signs along Grand Ave?