Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jet Blue may fly away

Queens-based JetBlue considering New York and Orlando for corporate headquarters
By Clare Trapasso

JetBlue may not be flying the coop just yet.

The list of cities competing for Queens' discount airline's new corporate headquarters has been pared down to New York City and Orlando, JetBlue officials said.

City and JetBlue representatives toured several possible sites for the company's corporate offices in New York City last month, JetBlue spokesman Bryan Baldwin confirmed.

But neither he nor city officials would confirm which neighborhoods - or boroughs - were under consideration.

The move could affect more than 850 workers at the company's Forest Hills headquarters and another 74 employees at JetBlue's financial service center in Darien, Conn.

JetBlue opened a training facility in Orlando in June 2005.


Anonymous said...

Is there NO space in this city that a major airliner like JetBlue can afford? I DON'T get this. Where is the borough president?

Anonymous said...

Helen is asleep or building her annuity at Willets Point. Jet Blue is gone. Mayor Bloomberg and Gov Patterson taxes scare them off. Orlando has cheap housing 10 cents buys a foreclosed condo and office space that is class A and goes for a song. Oh and Florida has much less taxes, too!

A Better NYC said...

I agree, the cost of doing business in Orlando is a hell of a lot cheaper the NYC. Heck, the morons that run this make it very difficult to run a profitable business here...taxes, taxes, taxes!

My guess is that if JetBlue really wants to improve its bottom line, they'll be moving to Orlando.