Friday, October 2, 2009

DOB wiseguys busted

From NY1:

Authorities announced Thursday that a two-year police investigation led to a major mob takedown involving the Lucchese crime family.

The 29 suspects awaiting arraignment include six inspectors from the Department of Buildings.

Two of the indicted are alleged leaders of the Lucchese organization, while another three allegedly belonged to both the mob and the city agency.

The indicted DOB inspectors, including two who were part of the department since the mid-1980s, took bribes in exchange for granting building permits, expediting inspections and ignoring building violations

Manhattan District Robert Morgenthau said the wire tap investigation started with a look into illegal gambling in September 2007 and it was a collaboration between his office, the New York Police Department and the Department of Investigation.

"They had important positions in the DOB. I mean, they were supervising other inspectors. They were conducting inspections themselves," said Morgenthau. "They weren't at the very top, but they had what should have been responsible positions, including the training of new inspectors."


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Bloomfuhrer's photo on that chart?

Anonymous said...

why do they never go after the HPD inspectors who are on the take from the slumlords?

start with the supervisor at the Boro Hall HPD office. that scum was in my apartment screaming that there was no violation when the slumlord shut off the water- one of the slumlords' many cute tricks to get out of spending money. That HPD supervisor took it much too personally, the one with the Irish last name & the huge gold crucifix hanging off his neck.

the HPD inspectors where very happy to look the other way far too many times & not cite the slumlord for obvious violations. I got questioned by the HPD inspectors about how much rent I was paying. One actually said to me if I paid more rent I wouldn't have these problems. Sure, never mind that's none of their business.

How about Vito, one of the Managers down at 100 Gold Street?

I can't wait too see the Queens HPD inspectors & Vito on the front pages in hand cuffs.

Sid? said...

Tip of the iceberg?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Malba one of the traditional homes of the Lucchesi family? Hey...check it out Mr. Morgethau.

Anonymous said...

Spot check polygraph all DOB inspectors!

Anonymous said...

does not surprise me in the least! this would explain how a house was built over a garage over a weekend and then the owner was able to flip it!! he never ran sewer lines or electrial lines, it's all running off the existing house next door on the property lots , which he had split. i see corruption!!! jail them all.