Friday, October 2, 2009

Bloomberg suddenly loves drivers

From the Daily News:

...we know that getting a ticket can sometimes be a frustrating experience, and while most of our traffic enforcement agents are courteous and professional, we are always working to improve customer service. Getting a parking ticket will never be a cause for celebration, but to reduce the tensions that can arise, we will increase sensitivity training for all traffic enforcement agents.

We've made great progress improving the level and quality of customer service that city government delivers, but we know we still have much more work to do. By taking on a challenge that can drive New Yorkers a little crazy - parking - and putting new technology to work, we can make it easier to find a parking spot, easier to avoid a ticket, easier to pay a fine and easier to interact with traffic agents. Who said parking in New York had to be so hard?

Rebuttal from Councilman Vincent Gentile of Brooklyn:

Mayor Bloomberg's new parking promises are way too little and way too late.

The real problem that needs to be fixed on our streets - a problem that just about any commuter understands - is the aggressive and unfair culture of parking enforcement and ticketing in this city.

It's a culture of acrimony instead of partnership; of unfair targeting instead of fair ticketing; of raising revenue instead of keeping our streets safe and clear.

That culture has only been encouraged by this mayor. Yet now, after eight long years, he is pushing a series of "reforms" that will do nothing to ease drivers' biggest concerns.

Drivers trying to back up into a curbside metered parking spot are routinely issued $115 tickets for double-parking despite the fact that the departing car was on its way out of the spot. A senior citizen dropping his spouse off for a dialysis treatment was issued a double-parking ticket because he dared leave his vehicle to escort his frail wife to the front door of the treatment center.

These are real examples. They have happened on Bloomberg's watch.


Ms. Ponzi said...

Harassment and cruelty are an earmark of the Bloomberg administration. He and his henchmen are a heartless cold bunch of glorified highwaymen/women.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Say anything, do anything to get the votes. No conscience in any way.

Missing Foundation said...

The public, kept in the dark about the elections by the media (nothing on the news about the anti-Blumturd rally in Chinatown, plenty about David Letterman's sex though) is angry about parking tickets.

A Bloomerang.

So he those this out to make 'em happy. Since the public only needs to see the ruler glance in their direction, their problems are solved and they feel soooooo much better.

Don't you?

PizzaBagel said...

The King of Blatant Pandering has come through again, right on schedule. And too many suckers will believe these empty campaign promises -- but hopefully not too many to sway the vote the wrong way (that is to say, Bloomberg's way).

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg changes his BS line more often than a Chameleon changes colors!

But the middle class voters he's been screwing for the past 8 years aren't changing their minds.





There is no 3rd strike in this ball game!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine just got a $65 ticket for an expired inspection sticker. She received it early on the morning of the 1st of October. A health problem distracted her but she brought her car in later in the day and it passed inspection and she received an updated sticker for her windshield. However, according to NYC law there is absolutely no grace period. She paid the ticket without protest but I think that there should be some leniency, especially if the inspection is done within 24 hours of receiving the summons. With Bloomtard at the helm, I am sure that the law will stand.