Friday, October 9, 2009

Blog helps reunite stolen dog with his owner

On October 3rd, this was put up on Sunnyside Post:

This dog is looking for its owner. It was found on 46th Street and 43rd Ave. outside the Turkish deli.

The dog was rescued on September 30, and has been cared for by a member of Sunnyside United Dog Society (SUDS)

This was passed around through dog rescue circles, and the dog was thought to be the dog in this flier:

Notice the date that he was stolen and the date he was found are the same.

So e-mails were exchanged which eventually led to a happy reunion 5 days later, on October 8th (yesterday):

"Sorry to get back to you so late. I was inseparable from Thruster!! And yes, he is Thruster. The couple that found him...took good care of him. He is now safe and happy in our house!"

The dog theft was caught on surveillance tape, which hopefully was turned over to the 110th Precinct.


Regina said...

A dog reunited with his owner.
A president is given the Nobel Peace Prize.
I ,for one, am enjoying the bounty of good news today.
("They" say things happen in threes. Let's hope the next bit of good news regards " Poppy" being reunited with his owners!)

Queens Crapper said...

Who's Poppy?

georgetheatheist said...

George Bush, Sr.

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach, dat vas vun uf der best vons yet!

Anonymous said...

The Onion has announced they are folding, as they can never top the Nobel Committee

Good to see a family back together

Morta Di Fame said...

What a perfect ending! Thanks for letting us know!

Lori Rode said...

Is anyone going to to speak with the owner about perhaps having Thruster neutered? One dog a time.

Regina said...

re:above-"Poppy" was your lost dog post on Sept. 17th.

Anonymous said...

Thank You,Humans.