Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NYPD staking out PA fireworks stores

From the Queens Courier:

Police have taken to staking-out fireworks stores in Pennsylvania, looking for cars with New York plates, in response to a rise in fireworks incidents in recent years.

“We make a few arrests a week, and it goes up as Fourth of July approaches,” one officer commented. “They have to understand we mean business.”

Under their state law, it is illegal for a Pennsylvania resident to even enter a fireworks store without a permit. However, out-of-state residents “whose status is verified” can purchase fireworks, but they must be transported out of the state.

This sounds like an amazing waste of NYPD manpower.


Anonymous said...

OK! let's use the little resorces we have on fireworks.B-bergs pet peeve!Too bad if you're robbed,assaulted or your car or home is broken into the next 6 wweks.Bburg won't have to be irrtated by the noise of fireworks!u

Anonymous said...

Actually fireworks can blind, burn or maim. I was a fireworks fanatic as a child, was restricted to some of the tamer stuff and still have a scar on my leg and some hearing loss as a trophy.

Today, available fireworks include 1/4 and 1/2 sticks of dynamite, certainly powerful enough to kill if a brainless individual amplifies their power by sticking them in a trash can or bottle.

Anonymous said...

I understand why they are cracking down on fireworks, and can appreciate the effort. But why use up cops we need in the city to go to another jurisdiction to stop people from buying fireworks? There isn't another agency that can do this??

ew-3 said...

The word jurisdiction comes to mind.
We bend way too many rules and norms in the quest for the ultimate nanny state.

Anonymous said...

Especially since those arrested were merely driving through the City on the way to Long Island. Why are we doing Nassau county's police work for them?

Anonymous said...

If i had a choice, NYPD in Pennsyltuckey chasing fireworks or extra PD personnel in the West Village, I think I would pick the Village.

Anonymous said...

I think at this point, most people know fireworks are dangerous. If they still want to play with them and brainless people still want to stand close to them, then they are risking injury and have noone to blame but themselves.

Taxpayer said...

Some years ago, a real nice kid burned his own house down and nearly destroyed the house next door by shooting one bottle rocket that landed in the house' rain gutter that happened to be filled with leaves.

The year earlier, another nice kid shot another bottle rocket through an open window, into a bedroom. The rocket landed on the bed covers and the room caught fire.

These kids were, indeed, truly nice kids. Well behaved, polite, good students.

But, like any kid, they had very stupid moments.

Once the house burned down, I instantly was transformed from tolerating fireworks to an enemy of any use of fireworks by anyone in an urban area.

In case some of the commenters didn't notice, New York City is an urban area. Many homes are wood frame, and frequently have leaves in gutters and open windows in the summer.

How are fireworks good in the hands of amateurs in a city?

Wade Nichols said...

This sounds like an amazing waste of NYPD manpower.

Indeed. It's probably considered a plum assigment to sit on your ass inside an unmarked police car in a parking lot in Pennsylvania, while listening to the radio, looking for hapless New Yorkers driving off with bottle rockets and a brick of firecrackers.

Since when is it the priority of the NYPD to have Keystone Cops style stake outs in Pennsylvania, instead of rounding up illegal aliens right here in Queens?

It's my God given right to celebrate the 4th of July and the birth of this great country with fireworks made in socialist China!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers pay for the gas that the cop car uses for its long interstate trip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Bloomturd special! I think that this needs an investigation!

Speaking of fireworks, how many of you are aware that this year's Macys fireworks are only going to be set off on the Hudson River? The people of Queens & Brooklyn will be very disappointed when July 4th approaches.

Anonymous said...

I won't be disappointed. For the first time in my life, I am spending July 4th out of Queens and out of NYC. Juniper Park is dead nowdays, the block parties I used to go to no longer go on, because pretty much all my old friends and neighbors have moved out of Queens, the LIC waterfront has been taken over by the tower people, but that doesn't matter because now we won't be able to see the fireworks on the Hudson River. On second thought, I might not be back after July 4th.

-Joe said...

The problem is not driving through Pa but NEW JERSEY any time of year with NY Plates.
It’s mostly town bootjackers that trap on the parkways and ramps like piriots.

Shame we used to drive down to Chinatown and fill up the whole trunk of a 68 Plymouth for $40... Silverjets $5/dozen, 2" festival balls $4/dozen

Now you have to go to New Hampshire for the good stuff in May. That or pay 10X the price from a local pirate.
We set them of at private beaches then clean up in the morning.

NY is becoming a Commie State like Jersey or Mexifornia each day.

-Joe said...

The LIC waterfront has been taken over by the tower people
That sucks !
I remember great times down on the old Cement factory property.
You paid $5 to enter and could litarally sit on the East river.
They had beer trucks, Italian Sausage, kiddie rides.
Now its looking like Disneyland with all these transplant Cow tipper and assholes walking around in Jesus Shoes during summer.

Where did Macys move the fireworks bardges to ?
This year July 4th is on a Saturday

Anonymous said...

tradition and culture are the pulse of any country. fireworks are on the lowest list of injuries to children and adults alike.being treated like a criminal on our great nations birthday for using fireworks is shamful. notice how the people that are destroying the fabric of our future {politicans } and others that are always bending the rule to suit themselves. 99 who percent go unpunished. that's a crime, not the true patrons who use fireworks and live clean non curupt lives. rudy and his harsh attitude may have smashed most of the fireworks trade in n.y.. but all he has really done is suppress culture . just look at bernard kerick. as he's cleaning the streets, he was also cleaning up for himself as most govt. people do.there is danger in everything we do in life. wana be safe, hide in a closet and not live but be careful, houses sometimes catch fire and a closet will end up being hotter than a fuse.

Anonymous said...

The NYPD is a bunch of brainless idiots, they regularly harass me simply because of my Connecticut plates. Perhaps they should invest some of these resources in actual police work i.e robberies,murder,rape....ah what am i saying? fireworks and traffic tickets are obviously more important.....