Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Search is on for Astoria slasher

From NY1:

City police investigated late Friday a slashing at a Queens eatery.

Authorities said a male suspect, seen above, got into a fight with another man at a chicken and pizza shop on 21st Street in Astoria back on April 27.

Investigators say the victim was slashed on his face with a box cutter.

They say the suspect then took off with a woman in a red or burgundy four-door sedan.


Anonymous said...

You have to protect yourself. mace,a small knife, a small gun.Most cops these days haven't a clue.And the ones that do will not put their freedom and pensions on the line for (mostly) an ungrateful and adverserial citizenry.Can't wait for the sean bell street naming!

Anonymous said...

I waited three hours for police after someone broke into my apartment. Thank God he didn't come back.

I am thinking of picking up a hammer as protection. Hammers don't take much skill.

Anonymous said...

Face it folks, it is sad reality time. The number of cops out there are diminishing fast. Hundreds are leaving every month, retiring, resigning for other jurisdictions or just other jobs, getting fired, dying etc. To replace them, we are getting maybe 2 classes of 250 recruits each this year, 200 of whom will actually graduate from each class.
Divide that number among 75 precincts citywide, maybe 9 housing precincts and probably about 10 transit districts, and your local precinct stands to get maybe 3 cops per class, maybe 5 if the local politician can grease the right palms.
Add to the fact that the young cops are sent out to become human summons machines, and the older cops are demoralized and weary from fighting brass, CCRB and an unappreciative public, and trust me, the cops with any experience and any sense, aren't going to be cruising through any red lights to get to you when you are being attacked.

Captain Renault said...

Round up the usual suspects!

georgetheatheist said...

georgetheatheist said...

Wait, almost forgot:

georgetheatheist said...

Hahahaha. That phony "georgetheatheist"! What a card! [My pithy commentary and analysis is driving him/her wild. As Mencken said, it's great fun to go into the barn at night, make noises, and scare the horses and cows.]

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Anonymous said...

You also get great decals for you windows and a beautiful ID for your wallet.

The car decals are great because they tell the rest of us which cars to egg.

Anonymous said...

I'd think twice about egging a car with NRA stickers.