Friday, May 15, 2009

Great moments in tweeding, part 1

From the Times Ledger:

[Helen] Sears, who is seeking a third term in office; Democratic District Leader Daniel Dromm; Con Edison spokesman Alfonso Quiroz; and Jackson Heights lawyer Stanley Kalathara all said they would focus on increasing English classes and employment opportunities for immigrant communities if they win in September.

There were few moments of tension during the evening. At one point, Dromm called on the other candidates to commit to not accepting any campaign contributions from real estate developers. None of the other candidates responded.


Anonymous said...

Sears gets 80% of her money from real developers and landlords. How else is she supposed to raise money? She doesn't have a clue what the people are her district want. She voted against the Lead Paint Bill because of her allegiance to real estate bosses. Also, Quiroz used to be Sears' chief-of-staff and they are working together to try and prevent Dromm from winning. Should be a very interesting summer!

Anonymous said...

I was appalled that Danny Dromm said that his district should have a member of the Council who speaks Spanish. He evidently thinks that his Spanish is right up there with Cerevantes. Having listened to his halting, accentless, feeble attempts at Spanish, I wonder if he should drop out of the race, considering his Spanish-speaking skills. Anyway, why should it matter if any candidate speaks Spanish. Or Hindi, or Thai, or Tagalog, or the myriad of languages spoken in the district.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Danny's Dromm-ing up a little business for himself by a little selective pandering..."comprende"? !!!

Wade Nichols said...

What a joke! Four automatons, all spewing out the same tired party line. When one speaker finished, did they simply pass their script to the next person? Or maybe they all read from the same teleprompter?

Danny Dromm - What a Dromm-A Queen!

Anonymous said...

teach english that's your promise to your community, lmao... how about cleaning up your neighborhoods, so it can be a better place to live. donating money back to libraries, or town halls. sick of reading crap for mostly the illegals, give back to the americans who pay their taxes to keep this city going.

Miles Mullin said...

What a joke! Four automatons, all spewing out the same tired party line.

That's why they call it the Machine, Wade.

Kinda like any group tho, investment analysts, socialites .... and the NY media when it comes to Blumturd.

Anonymous said...

yes, but only one of them is embroiled in a prostitution scandal (and no, not the woman in the group!)