Friday, May 15, 2009

Jamaica fights for promised park land

From the Daily News:

...coalition members say more parkland is needed to offset the higher density development ushered in by the sweeping downtown Jamaica rezoning.

The rallying point for the coalition is the so-called “signature” park local leaders claim the city promised when it was pushing for the rezoning before the Council approved the plan in 2007.

“Under the proposed plan, a plaza would be created on the west side of Sutphin Blvd., between 94th and 95th Aves.,” according to a city report.

The park was a major selling point that led residents to back the rezoning plan, said local Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans).

“What they failed to let people know was that they hadn’t fully funded it — and they failed to let me know,” said Comrie, noting he has pressed the city to make good on its pledge.

You mean the city lied in order to get a massive upzoning to pass? Hey, wait - they did it to Brooklyn, too! When will we learn?


Anonymous said...

Another broken promise from NYC's lying thieving bastards!.

Maybe Jamaicans will get their park after Maspethians get theirs at the St. Saviour's site!

Let's not forget how much parkland the USTA stole from FMCP!

Wade Nichols said...

Jamaicans fighting for the promised land?

What would Bob Marley do (WWBMD)?

Ant said...

that's such a load of crap... there's never money for these signature parks that come with rezonings.

Civics lesson folks:

It's the city council that has to approve acquisition of the site. Afterward, the same council budgets the funds to acquire these sites. The parks department isn't sitting on funding to acquire parkland.

Comrie isn't new to the council, his constituents are fools if they believe him. Or, scarier even, Comrie really has no idea what the council's role is in these matters.